POW Prisoners of War Torture News File

In setting up this page we note that running an empire will always involve special “needs” to torture prisoners of war.  But America was truly great in exposing these events through Congressional hearings and our free media.  Few other nations in the world would allow it.       

      Chalk up one more up for the Neo-conservatives wrecking America.   They were the ones who started excusing America from Geneva Convention behavior, arguing that international law would only interfere with Washington’s objectives and should be disregarded (John Bolton).  Also note the threats to families of Iraqi prisoners; does our conquering now mean we will use methods of Nazis and Communists?  We note also that the Big Government Conservatives (BigGovCons)and most of the Religious Right were noticeably silent in criticism (with the notable exception of Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship, a man who knows something about captivity and prisons), or they even argue to excuse torture, Rush Limbaugh, Sen. Inhofe, etc.  (9/06 update–And now President Bush wants to abrogate the Geneva Convention itself and has widespread support from Republicans).      Note also that the approval of torture of prisoners of war came from the Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal’s appointed Pentagon civilians.  The uniformed military Adjutant Generals’ opposed use of torture and and State Dept. legal experts were not involved in the approvals.  The Attorney General John Ashcroft (in an extensive NEW YORK TIMES report), was the only high Bush official to oppose it and to express concerns for consequences to America’s image in the rest of the world, once news got out—also that various FBI reports & emails show that FBI agents opposed torture, were not involved in it and reported about it to their higher upsHowever, military and CIA torturers sometimes impersonated FBI agents when threatening prisoners.