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Big lies are often hard to refute, it’s the little lies that can be proven
false.  Just like in the first (Father) Bush Iraq war, when supposed photos, (see Christian Science Monitor)
of Iraqi forces staged upon the border of Saudi Arabia were never released, and “incubator babies”
became justification for demonizing Iraq and then massive bombing, this war too has
its lies.  See devastating analysis of
Bush 2’s  Lie
and NY Times eventual apology
for giving them credence  by

John R. MacArthur, publisher of Harper’s Magazine.   Rumsfeld said before the
war (and Powell
too) that al Qaeda forces were in Iraq, but the only proven case was in the
Kurdish areas where Iraqi military and police forces have no control.   When
questioned, he had no evidence; similarly about evidence of Iraqi and al Qaeda
 Of course after the American attack Al
Qaeda is there.
  See also a good update on the incubator lies
and their use by (Father) Bush for his war.  And about
April Glaspie.

Now (Update 6/21/03) Washington argues that the
invasion was justified because Saddam never complied with the UN inspectors.  In
truth he
but Clinton refused to lift the trade blockade anyway.  That is, even
complying with the U.N. resolutions still had Washington blocking any lifting of the
sanctions.  Clinton and his Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said that the
sanctions and blockade would stay
in effect anyway.

Also there are questions that the most basic
accusations on Saddam may not be true, see

on the Gassing of  Kurds?

&    Did Saddam Really Try to
Kill Bush One ?

Earlier Weapons Inspector included U.S. Spies

 about report on U.S. spies planting
bugs and planning bombing targets among the UN inspectors in ’97.  See also

hVarious Links  See also The Going to War File

Editor’s note 5/20/15–This paragraph was set up in 2002-3.  If the link is
now dead, search Google for the topic and you may find new, live links verifying
the subject.


C-Span progam–Bush Presidency & Counter Terrorism
at Hofstra
University sponsored by Democracy Now–excellent review of lies, U.S. military
killing of journalists in Iraq, and torture of POW’s


Chirac Verifies Reports Bush Started War Because of Biblical Prophesies

he told Chirac

“This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use
this conflict to erase his people’s (Israel’s)enemies before a New Age begins”.


Former Aide to
–specifies lies from CIA and White House fed to Powell for UN

Colin Powell Says CIA & Pentagon Knowingly Lied
to Him About “Evidence”

Former CIA officer
 says defector’s showing that Saddam ended nuke
efforts in 2000, was ignored & hidden away — NY TIMES


What Did Bush Know?
–about campaign to discredit exposure of his uranium
speech untruths –details of who said what–discrepancies in testimony of
“Scooter” Libby (Cheney top man) and Karl Rove 


Prosecutor In CIA Leak Case Casting A Wide Net
White House effort to discredit critic
examined in detail


Details on Rove
 –speaking to Grand Jury while denying connections —
report on major smear campaign to protect President’s lies about Niger uranium


Stalled Spin on Rove
 Criminal case curtails defense -Administration
tries to put blame on Ambassador Wilson who exposed lies

 The Downing Street Memo
Bush Planned War from Beginning
–no connection to 9/11


Dems Demand Data on Feith Lies
— about Saddam-Al Qaeda connection used to
start war


Analysts Who Provided Fake Intelligence Given Awards
  cash bonuses


Bolton Confirmation
Would Shatter Intelligence Analysts’ Morale
of those
who did not go along with lies

New Findings on Bush Administration Lies
Pre-war intelligence agencies warned White
House on lies before Bush & Powell speeches  &

More Details from British Intelligence

4/26/05 Report
Finds No Evidence Syria Hid Iraqi Arms

4/7/05  Who Forged the Niger Documents?

4/7/05  Bolton Faces Hurdles for
Nomination to UN
–CIA agent testifies on his lies, efforts to get CIA agent removed
for questioning his lies

4/3/05  Washington
Ignored Info. of U.N. Arms Inspectors
inspectors provided key information on Iraq but challenged Bush
Admin lies –also provide info on Iran

4/2/05   692 Page Report
-Bush Admin. ignored truths, promoted fabrications, exaggerations, lies
“Iraq Data Dead Wrong,” Panel finds

3/31/05  Intelligence
Report Whitewashes White House
puts blame on agencies, ignores Administration
officials distortions and knowing lies –many links to reports


Commission Report
Bush info “riddled with errors,
worthless, misleading,” “most damaging failure in recent U.S. history”

3/26/05  CIA
Doubts & Warnings to Powell Dismissed by Administration Hawks

3/20/05  Administration Misled Allies about North
lied that exported nuke material to Libya when it was to Pakistan

12/14/04 In Battle for
Credibility, U.S. Injures its Cause
  USA TODAY Editorial about Lies put forth by
Army spokesmen about Pat Tillman & Jessica Lynch

12/7/04  Army Lied About
Pat Tillman
–football hero killed from friendly fire  Army Consciously
–Was it Civilian PR people, just like they lied about Jessica
  but Iraqi commander of unit which saved Lynch was beaten and tortured to
death by U.S. captors

10/28/04  Reality to George W. Bush is not about facts, but about higher
 …For this Bush harnesses facts, both true and false–  Nick

10/28/04 Comparing Iraq
Invasion to Crusades
power of ideas (and lies) to persuade public opionion

10/23/04 More Feith Lies Disclosed
Senate report

10/12/04 45 Minute Claim
Was False
–Details on British Governmenr intelligence falsehoods then used by

10/07/04 Report by
Weapons Inspection Teams Confronts Administration Lies

7/10/04     Lies,
lies on Iraq –Senate Report on how lies got promoted inside CIA
  contrary information hidden away
  CIA skewed
top officials knowingly promoted lies

7/31/04  Details of Iraq bio weapons
– anthrax
— destroyed and U.S. officials knew of it

7/31/04  Al Qaeda-Iraq
Link Recanted
–information given under torture — that Iraqis trained Al Qaeda– used
by Bush in speeches

7/26/04  9-11 Report shows
limited contacts between Al-Qaeda and Iraq
  discussions but no co-operation nor
on 9-11 attack

7/22/04  300,000 in mass
  Very little proof, also include victims of revolt supression after First
Iraq War in 1991

7/22/04  Good Summary of Lies and
Incompetence by London Economist on both British and U.S. intelligence & fabrications

7/17/04  Demanding
Accountability from Leadership
good short list of biggest lies

7/15/04  More
Details on Powell UN Speech
Senate Report details untrue information

7/11/04  CIA skewed
top officials knowingly
promoted lies about Iraq aluminum tubes, uranium enrichment, hid information from U.N.
Inspectors about sites which would have refuted CIA lies, pressed lower level officials to
provide unverified data and false data

7/10/04  Lies,
lies on Iraq –Senate Report on how lies got promoted inside CIA
  contrary information hidden away  Report
  somewhat exhonerates White House, but not VP Cheney

6/30/04  List
& Dates of Administration Statements
with lies or exaggerations about Iraq- House
of Representatives Minority Report

6/23/04  John
Lehman Lies on MEET THE PRESS
  CIA concluded long ago that just mixed up names of
supposed meeting Al-QWaeda w/Iraqi – “Lehman could not be reached for comment”
(involved Feith again)

6/22/04  Bush-Cheney Continue Lie –up to
date details of what they say now and said before and what commission found by Ivan

6/22/04  “Facts are
the Enemies of Truth,”
Don Quixote –Bush and Cheney Believed the
“Truth” they wanted to see

6/17/04  Al-Qaeda-Hussein
Link is Dismissed
by 9-11 Commission

5/31/04  Questions
on Cheney Lying on Halliburton Contracts

5/28/04  Duncan Hunter Lies -He is
Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.  We have seen him lying so often we
think to post a quote from him—-
California Republican Duncan Hunter,
suggested to Tim Russert that it was the U.N. inspectors who pushed us into Iraq. “We
went to war … not on the statements of Mr. [Ahmad] Chalabi but on Hans Blix,”
head of the U.N. inspectors, “who talked about the 8,500 liters of anthrax that
Saddam Hussein put together … all of which would fit, Tim, in one pickup truck with
good sideboards.” Here is what Blix actually said this of the possibility that there
were chemical and biological weapons in Iraq when the war began: “One must not jump
to the conclusion that they exist. However, this possibility is also not excluded.” MSNBC Was Iraq a
Just War (Newsweek)

5/20/04  Lies About Approvals for Torture
in Iraq

5/18/04  Rumsfeld
– Ashcroft signed off on questioning
Geneva Convention “quaint” says White House Counsel

5/10/04  Red
Cross sent many warnings of abuse all over Iraq
Bush said prison an isolated case

19 (New) Lies
by Harry Browne

new10.gif (281 bytes)
2/20/04  Chalabi Admits Lies Got U.S. to go to War and
Garner admits purpose was to get U.S.
bases in Iraq
–compares to conquest of Phillipines in 1898

2/20/04  Washington Post
Ombudsman details coverage of Lies

2/16/04 “We Were Not All Wrong” David
Kay Statement –Scott Ritter details and quotes those who were right before the war
including UN inspectors

2/12/04 All the President’s Lies –American Prospect Magazine

2/1/04  Analyzing
Powell’s Untruths in UN Speech
— lies fed by Cheney’s office

1/27/04  Nearly All WMD Claims
Were Wrong
  David Kay -Arms Inspection Leader   Why no Indignation or Firings of the

1/27/04  The 45 Minute
–that Iraq could launch WMD with 45 minutes notice–used by Blair and White House

12/01/04   Cheney the Liar

11/29/03  Feith, the Likud Propagandist -Cheney’s aide urged
Israel to abandon Oslo Peace Process in 1997
  His Testimony
How He
Exaggerated and Lied

11/25/03 Powell’s Lies “The Vanishing Case
for War” NY Review of Books
Powell made 29 claims about Iraqi weapons, programs, behaviors, events and munitions”
in his United Nations presentation, and none of them have yet been borne out” quoted
  Richard Cohen

11/22/03  British Secret
Disinformation Group (like Neo-cons’) Played Role in War Promotion

11/10/03  How Cheney and His
Group Promoted the Lies

11/04/03  Update-Wrap up of All
the Lies from White House special branch (Cheney& Neo-cons to circumvent CIA-State

10/19/03  8 Lies From Before the War  for the blockade

7/30/03  The Bush Administration’s Top 40
Lies about War and Terrorism

4/21/03     Re-examining
Powell’s War Speech
by William Rasberry

8/8/03   Use of Napalm Denied
by Sec. Defense office
–a lie

7/28/03       Rice
Discredited by Uranium Flap
   Either a liar or an incompetent

7/28/03  Top 40 Lies
About Iraq and Terrorism

7/11/03  CIA
asked British to Drop False Report
–not used in Powell UN speech —British
History of Deception to get America into Wars

7/7/03   White House
Backs off Uranium State of the Union Speech claim

6/25/03  Congress
Democrats Zero in on Uranium Misinformation Source
in State of the Union Speech

6/20/03  Lies
About the Uranium from Africa
Jude Wanniski

6/20/03  List of Lies –quotes from officials about Iraqi WMD

6/17/03  Do
Americans Expect to be Misled?
  by William S. Lind

6/10/03  Wrap
up of Many Lies
     also includes links to–

Death Estimates First Iraq Wa
-Cheney fired statistician, how stats verified –BUSINESS WEEK

On the Net: Powell’s address
to the United Nations:

CIA paper on Iraq:

State of the Union address:

Bush’s Iraqi threat speech:

6/10/03  Bush Speech Quotes on
Iraq WMD

6/7/03  Experts
Doubt Trailer WMD Story
–no proof, too
many assumptions NY TIMES

6/03  “There’s no doubt
in my mind but that they currently have chemical and biological weapons,” said
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in January. “We believe he has, in fact,
reconstituted nuclear weapons,” said Vice President Dick Cheney in March.
  Time Magazine June 2003

4/8/03    Administration
efforts to Convince foreigners

but “a poll last
week found that fewer than one person in seven trusts President Bush to tell the
truth.”  NY TIMES

3/28/03   –Blair Lied on TV with Bush -about
English POW’s being murdered  –usual atrocity stories for war–buy why need to lie
when Saddam is really a bad guy?–lies undermine war effort

3/24/03  Excellent
Wrap-Up of the Lies for War

by publisher of Harpers

3/18/03  Wash. Post on
Bush Speech
–already refuted evidences

3/17/03  Continual Bush Lies 
Republic -reason for world distrust


30 Bush – Iraq Lies: A Reference For Seekers of Truth

very good list with links

3/8/03   Fake Evidence On
Iraq Nukes Used by Bush in State of the Union Speech
(childish errors)
    Senator Wants Probe of
Fake Documents
& if U.S.
Agencies helped create them –sent by Blair Gov.  and
  Is the Nuclear Case
Going Down the Tubes?
Carnegie Endowment

Powell Speech Problems –Basic Bush-Powell Argument
is —–“Inspectors can’t find WMDs so Iraq is in Violation of UN for not showing
where they are.”   Secondly the speech was (intentionally) confusing about
Iraq’s past WMD from and before last war in 1991 (part of Powell’s arguments were based on
Tony Blair’s report which turns out to have been copied from a graduate student’s work
written in 1991 in California) and its legitimate defensive preparations, e.g. hiding
things could refer to weapons which Iraq has in preparation for the almost sure American
invasion to come.  

2/24/03 “I don’t
Believe Colin Powell”  by William Rasberry
WASH. POST  For this we should make unilateral, unprovoked war?”

2/20/03  U.S. info for UN
was mostly “garbage”
used as basis for Administration speeches and claims of

2/17  Powell
Can’t Answer Blix –N.Y. Times 2/17,
And he did not respond to Mr. Blix when the arms
inspector challenged one point of the American intelligence briefing of Feb. 5.
Mr. Blix pointed out that the satellite images Mr. Powell brought
before the Council were shot two weeks apart and did not necessarily show Iraqi deception.
A chemical decontamination truck is present in one photo and not the other.
“Routine” movements were also a possible explanation, Mr. Blix pointed out, and
Mr. Powell nodded.”

3/15  Case for War is Clouded
With Propaganda, Misinformation

2/22  GAO: Justice Dept. Inflated Terror Cases

new10.gif (281 bytes)

More Corroboration About Lies from First Iraq War
–about Iraqi troops
poised on border of Saudi Arabia, a reason for war, lies about pictures

2/13  Bin
Laden–Hussein Link Hazy
evidence & questions about Powell’s basic accusation, no proof on many assumptions
WASH POST Powell also asked on Meet the Press 2/9 by Tim Russert about past
government lies for war in 1990 about incubator babies and no evidence of Iraqi troops on
Saudi border.  He did not answer the question.

see TORONTO SUN for a quick overview answering Powell charges

new10.gif (281 bytes) 2/6/03 Commerce
Dept. clerk fired for estimates of Iraq dead in first Gulf War
-her report changed by

2/6/03    Blix Denies Some Key Powell Arguments
mobile labs?

Powell about Al Qaeda connection in Iraq  NEW YORK TIMES
to Terror Aren’t Easy to Read

2/6/03   Fisk on Powell  –lots of
distortions & twisting

2/8   Blair
Report (
quoted by Powell) copied years’ old academic study
with few words changed to exaggerate,  not from

intelligence  reports  NY TIMES

2/6/03   UK’s ‘Damning’
Iraq File – Copied From Old Articles
–even typos,-only changed to exaggerate
–British were masters of propaganda lies since World War I stories of German soldiers
eating Belgian babies (believed by many Americans in simpler times)

2/6/03    Important Questions About Powell’s Arguments  various details,
support of Palestinians as reason to invade Iraq,   

2/9        Powell’s
  as reason for war
no proof in transcript–soldiers always cover their rears

2/8       Iraq
Takes Journalists to Missile Factory
  Powell claimed larger testing
facilities and excessive range  NY
TIMES Report with more details

11/18/02   BBC

UNSCOM weapons inspectors destroyed 48 Scuds during their years in Iraq, and nearly all of
the known 819 Scuds imported by Baghdad have been accounted for.

2/9    Media visits (Powell accused) chemical
weapons site ABC NEWS &

2/3/03    How Intelligence Collected & Disputed -Pentagon (civilians) promote Saddam mistress lies
for TV

1/31/03   Blix: US is Misquoting
My Iraq Report
Dr Blix took issue
with what he said were US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s claims that the inspectors had
found that Iraqi officials were hiding and moving illicit materials within and outside of
Iraq to prevent their discover. He said that the inspectors had reported no such
incidents……………..Similarly, he said, he had not seen convincing evidence that
Iraq was sending weapons scientists to other countries to prevent them from being
interviewed……. ….Nor had he any reason to believe, as President George Bush charged
in his State of the Union speech, that Iraqi agents were posing as scientists, or that his
inspection agency had been penetrated by Iraqi agents and that sensitive information might
have been leaked to Baghdad. ———–more

also a common double
standard of U.S. spokesme
referred to Iraq’s obligations under UN Security Council Resolution 687. What about
Israel’s. Why doesn’t Mr. Powell ask the UN to enforce Israel’s obligations under this
same resolution 687?    Article 14, of Resolution 687, has “the goal
of establishing in the Middle East a zone free from weapons of mass destruction and all
missiles for their delivery and the objective of a global ban on chemical weapons”
for all the nations in the region. This includes Israel — known to possess chemical and
biological weapons, 200 to 400 nuclear weapons, and the missiles to deliver them.”

1/30/03    Plan to Invade Iraq
Predated 9/11

1/25/02    Cheney at CPAC –January yearly meeting of Conservative Political Action
“For 12 years Saddam has violated that agreement (with the UN to
disarm)”  In fact Iraq did comply with the UN demands to disarm for nearly 8
years, but Washington kept on the brutal blocade anyway (which resulted in the death by
disease and starvation of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis).  Iraq delivered to and
the UN destroyed much more weaponry than was destroyed even during the Iraq war.  For

12/23/02   ABC
News Reports Evidence Missing in Bush Charges

12/13/02      Cheney and
others Selling Lies 
  CBS News

11/11   “Bush does not Lie about
by Eric Alterman 
W. Bush does not lie about sex, I suppose, merely about war and peace. Most particularly
he has consistently lied about Iraq’s nuclear capabilities as well as its missile-delivery
capabilities. Take a look at Milbank’s gingerly worded page-one October 22 Washington Post
story if you doubt me. To cite just two particularly egregious examples, Bush tried to
frighten Americans by claiming that Iraq possesses a fleet of unmanned aircraft that could
be used “for missions targeting the United States.” Previously he insisted that
a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency revealed the Iraqis to be “six
months away from developing a weapon.” Both of these statements are false, but they
are working. Nearly three-quarters of Americans surveyed think that Saddam is currently
helping Al Qaeda; 71 percent think it is likely he was personally involved in the 9/11

11/06  Details of Lies and Stretched
Truth in Bush Speeches

10/22  Wash. Post
Details Some Bush Exaggerations and Lies

& Charley Reese on
Bush Loss of Credibility
   and Richard Cohen
his untruths

10/21   Czech
President tells Bush no meeting between Atta and Iraqi intelligence
  a main argument of The War Party

on Iraq Nukes
and Analysis
of Bush Interpretations

Rumsfeld Lies??

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sen. Robert Byrd, a
master at hectoring executive branch witnesses, asked Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld a
provocative question last week: Did the United States help Saddam Hussein produce weapons
of biological warfare? Rumsfeld brushed off the Senate’s 84-year-old president pro tem
like a Pentagon reporter. But a paper trail indicates Rumsfeld should have answered yes.

An eight-year-old Senate report confirms that disease-producing and poisonous materials
were exported, under U.S. government license, to Iraq from 1985 to 1988 during the
Iran-Iraq war. Furthermore, the report adds, the American-exported materials were
identical to microorganisms destroyed by United Nations inspectors after the Gulf
War…….  columnist
Robert Novak
  (link about Rumsfeld in Iraq).

Update—-“In a September interview with CNN, Rumsfeld said he
“cautioned” Hussein about the use of chemical weapons, a claim at odds with
declassified State Department notes of his 90-minute meeting with the Iraqi leader. A
Pentagon spokesman, Brian Whitman, now says that Rumsfeld raised the issue not with
Hussein, but with Iraqi foreign minister Tariq Aziz. The State Department notes show that
he mentioned it largely in passing as one of several matters that “inhibited”
U.S. efforts to assist Iraq.

Rumsfeld has also said he had “nothing to do”
with helping Iraq in its war against Iran. Although former U.S. officials agree that
Rumsfeld was not one of the architects of the Reagan administration’s tilt toward Iraq —
he was a private citizen when he was appointed Middle East envoy — the documents show
that his visits to Baghdad led to closer U.S.-Iraqi cooperation on a wide variety of
fronts. Washington was willing to resume diplomatic relations immediately, but Hussein
insisted on delaying such a step until the following year.” Washington Post


U.S. Soldiers in

Excuse me sir,” they asked.
“But do we really have to say this baloney?”  BBC

Condoleezza ignorance

“Anticipatory self-defense is not a new concept,”
Condoleezza Rice, the national security adviser, told reporters the other
day as she was explaining why pre-emption was replacing containment and deterrence as the
foundation of American defense policy and serving as the justification for striking Iraq
before Iraq strikes. “You know, Daniel Webster actually wrote a very famous defense
of anticipatory self-defense,” she said.

He did, but under circumstances Ms. Rice, a former Stanford
University provost, might not want to delve into too deeply……Ms. Rice’s
“anticipatory self-defense” (a phrase Webster never used) — as if they were
the same thing. Experts in the field say they are not………And there the classic
example is one the White House is unlikely to cite with approval: Dec. 7, 1941. Every
schoolchild in Japan is taught that the United States-led embargo on Japan was slowly
killing the country’s economy and undermining its ability to defend itself.   NY
(easy link)


Kinsley on Bush Arguments

“The Bush administration campaign for war
against Iraq has been an extravaganza of disingenuousness. The arguments come and go.
Allegations are taken up, held until discredited, and then replaced. All the entrances and
exits are chronicled by leaks to The Post. Two overarching concepts —
“terrorism” and “weapons of mass destruction” — are drained of
whatever intellectual validity they may have had and put to work bridging huge gaps in
evidence and logic.

Knocking off Hussein became a top priority shortly after
9/11. It was part of the “war on terror,” though the logical or factual
connection between the events of 9/11 and Hussein’s depredations was never explained.
According to the State Department’s own annual survey, the most enthusiastic state sponsor
of terrorism is Iran — an enemy of Iraq that we’re now trying to patch things up with.
The administration pounced on suggestions that 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta had met with
Iraqi agents in Prague — as if discovery of this one meeting retroactively justified the
whole hoo-hah — then dropped the allegation (though not the rhetorical connection) when
it turned out to be made up.”  Michael Kinsley


  “The president’s cynical and irresponsible
manipulation of the issue risks devaluing his credibility as he seeks to convince the
United Nations and U.S. allies that action to disarm Iraq is essential. We believe Mr.
Bush is right in arguing that Saddam Hussein poses an unacceptable threat, and right in
choosing to confront that menace. But he undermines his own case by taking it on the
campaign trail and thereby feeding suspicions, both at home and abroad, that he timed his
initiative for maximum electoral advantage, rather than in response to serious calculation
about how and when Iraq could best be dealt with.”



Bush Asserts That Al Qaeda Has Links to Iraq’s Hussein
By Mike Allen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, September 26, 2002; Page A29

President Bush asserted a link yesterday between Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and the al
Qaeda terrorist network, saying he fears they will join forces and are already virtually

“The danger is, is that they work in concert,” Bush said. “The danger
is, is that al Qaeda becomes an extension of Saddam’s madness and his hatred and his
capacity to extend weapons of mass destruction around the world.”

The administration had begun de-emphasizing claims of links between Hussein and global
terrorism. Senior intelligence officials told The Washington Post this month that the CIA
had not found convincing proof, despite efforts that included surveillance photos and
communications intercepts.

U.S. officials have continued to hint at connections, however. Evidence linking Hussein
to the Sept. 11 attacks could help erode reservations on Capitol Hill and among world
powers about the justification for a U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Evidence on Iraq Challenged
Experts Question if Tubes Were Meant for Weapons Program
(this question again charged during Bush State of the Union speech

By Joby Warrick
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, September 19, 2002; Page A18

A key piece of evidence in the Bush administration’s case against
Iraq is being challenged in a report by independent experts who question whether thousands
of high-strength aluminum tubes recently sought by Iraq were intended for a secret nuclear
weapons program.

The White House last week said attempts by Iraq to acquire the
tubes point to a clandestine program to make enriched uranium for nuclear bombs. But the
experts say in a new report that the evidence is ambiguous, and in some ways contradicts
what is known about Iraq’s past nuclear efforts.
also see update Washington Times


White House: Bush misstated report on Iraq

Sept. 7/02  Seeking to build a
case Saturday that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass
destruction, President Bush cited a satellite photograph and a report by the U.N. atomic
energy agency as evidence of Iraq’s impending rearmament. But in response to a report
by NBC News, a senior administration official acknowledged Saturday night that the U.N.
report drew no such conclusion, and a spokesman for the U.N. agency said the photograph
had been misinterpreted………..

” Meanwhile, Mark Gwozdecky, a spokesman for the U.N. agency, disputed
Bush’s and Blair’s assessment of the satellite photograph, which was first
publicized Friday. Contrary to news service reports, there was no specific photo or
building that aroused suspicions, he told Windrem.”

See also

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