(Why Democracies Can’t Run Empires)

“….from the White House to the Pentagon (the State Department still has some good sense left), one hears repeatedly the siren call of “empire,” like the lotus-eaters on the Isle of Djerba in ancient times crying out to Ulysses’ sailors with their delicious narcotic treats and then holding them enchanted in the prisons of their desires.”(1/07/03)  Georgie Anne Geyer  —  The turning point for empires is when they start costing more than then bring in profit –Few doubt today that empire costs America far more than it gains in benefits.

About Athens See Thucydides– Democracy and Empire–Athens & America —   See also Military Industrial Congress Complex  a complementary page to this.

Empire Plans Began with First Iraq War –planned from beginning to find reason to prevent downsizing military after collapse of communism WASH POST —-Was Iraq “set-up?” –– Remember April Glaspie

Bush Outlines Empire Doctrine & pre-emptive attacks    Answering the Wolfowitz-Bush Doctrine on Empire      Bush & the World  his views after 9/11 & before attacking Iraq, America the Hegemon      U.S. Casualties Updates in Iraq   

Bush Views & Neocons  2002– “belief that forceful U.S. leadership (shock and awe) would cower the United States’ enemies and bring wavering friends into line. Hand wringing or grumbling from allies, the Bush team believed, stemmed not from too much American direction, but from too little.

UPDATES (since 2002)

6/16/15  America’s Diplomatic Crisis  A  superb analysis of diplomacy contrasted to war — how America has lost its ability to use it, how war is now always the first option, how diplomacy can take a surrender.  America’s “unconditional surrender demands leave no one to negotiate a peace, hence guerrilla war continues indefinitely

6/14/15 12 Reasons America Doesn’t Win Its Wars  Too many parties now benefit from perpetual warmaking for the U.S. to ever conclude its military conflicts.

6/05/15  Peggy Noonan WSJ  Choosing a Path      “we spend too much on the military which not only adds to our debt, but guarantees that our weapons will be used.”  She quotes policy expert Ian Bremmer—“Policy makes will find uses for them to justify their expense which will implicate us in crises that are none of our business.”

5/30/15  Libya Invasion Based on False InformationThese rebels have incentives to deceive international audiences both on the magnitude and scope of the state’s repression….”

5/04/15  America’s Anti-War Correspondent Dies   Iowa-born and Paris-based, William Pfaff (1928-2015) critiqued the U.S.’s messianic foreign policy for the disasters it would produce.  His final bookThe Irony of Manifest Destiny, published five years ago, was a tour de force, an analysis of American foreign policy informed by philosophy and religious history.

4/25/15  Understanding Appeal of ISIS -How they think–“I was not afraid of death,” Mr. Rashidi said. As a child, he believed that death happened only to good people, those deemed worthy enough by God to be rescued from a living hell, like his father and brother. “I had nothing to lose.”……..”Atrocities committed by the Islamic State, he said, are aimed at “making the West get a taste of their own medicine,”

2/11/15  Seizing Assets in Crimea –disarray in new Russian province-businesses confiscated, closed banks, no Western credit cards, etc

6/01/14  Iraq Everlasting by Frank Rich at NYT–  detailed and interesting history of the neocon war hawks, who was right, who forecast the disaster, how Left as responsible as Bush Republicans for the disaster –interesting links to neocon commentary

5/30/14  Obama’s West Point Realism  by Leon Hadar –oderation, answering Republican War Wanters Wing, military should be last option instead of first, don’t create new enemies, speech attacked viciously by neocons

5/17/14  35% Think America Winning the War on Terror – down from 39% in January, 50% a year ago.  27% think terrorists winning              58% oppose U.S. Involvemtn in Ukraine –              69% Favor Use of Military Overseas Only When U.S. National Security is Threatened –             5/18/14  Understanding the National Security State –What America is becoming –following the footsteps of empire and (eventually) dictatorship

5/16/14  8 striking parallels between the U.S. and the Roman Empire at time of the Roman republic, particularly continuous war

5/06/14  Americans For/Against Ukraine Intervention  “only one out of six can find Ukraine on a map….The farther their guesses were from Ukraine’s actual location, the more they wanted U.S. to intervene with military force.” 

5/05/14  Big Budgets, Little Oversight in War Zones –long report on waste, incompetence in Iraq & Afghanistan economic aid programs –details lack of oversight, problems building, maintenance, supervision during wartimes–from 2008-2011 Washington spent $206 billion with $91 billion wasted according to congressional Commission on Wartime Contracting.  See also  After billions of U.S. Investment, Afghan Roads Falling Apart

4/15/14  US Invasion of Africa That Nobody Knows About  by John Glaser — all sorts of hidden, unreported information, vast expense, creating new enemies for America, waste and violence.  See also by same writer US Increasingly Supporting Repression in Africa

4/09/14  Army, Marines Take Brunt of War Wounds  Pew poll, lots of polling numbers

4/01/14  U.S. Boosts Foreign Military Aid to Promote Global Clout and all sorts of abuses follow training and supplying especially African military & police

3/29/14  After the Wars –Legacy of Pain & Pride –very detailed Wash. Post & Kaiser Family Foundation study of Veterans –over 600,000 partial or totally disabled– 51,000 wounded in action only includes as a “direct result of hostile action” –18% report serious injuries, e.g. backs, knees, headaches,,, chronic coughs, persistent ringing in ears– various polls, e.g. 50% say Iraq war not worth fighting, 41% afghan war not worth fighting (well worth reading for details not generally reported, Ed)

03/14/14  Obama’s Mandate on Ukraine  by Fareed Zakaria — excellent analysis of Russia’s situation and America policy needs.  See also East Ukraine industry needs heavy subsidies which would hurt Russia’s very slow growth economy–article with hard numbers   

03/11/14  Russia’s Weak Military –not like Soviet Times  by Walter Pincus –gradual change to volunteer force, but re-enlistments much below expectations, tank crews’ practice is firing one round per week, health disqualification of 52% of service pool, vast corruption in logistics modernization and maintenance, units manning levels at 40-60%

03/01/14  The Forever War — National Journal on ambiguous legal authority for targeting new groups–“It means that the United States is now in the 13th year of a conflict with an enemy that can shift and morph endlessly, vanishing in one spot, reemerging in another.” –The grave but very real danger is that this strangest of wars will never end, certainly not before the expiration of Obama’s second term. And his successors may be left with nearly the entire unresolved mess: an open-ended war authorization and inchoate rules for drone and special operations, “

03/05/14  Vast U.S. Military Training Role in Africa  100 missions all over Africa from 2 man sniper teams to humanitarian exercises, Army First Infantry Division units and Green Berets, refueling and planes for French forces, vast anti-guerrilla training programs

02/17/14  Canada Puts A Christian Zionist in Charge  Prime Minister Stephen Harper, another evangelical end of the worlder, CZ’s represent 10% of Canadian electorate, 42% of Canadian Jews call themselves Zionists, a much higher percentage than among American Jews, fully 57% of Canadians have a negative view of Israel–lots of interesting info

02/12/14  Old Testament Armed Forces—Religious zealotry runs rampant in the U.S. military, and among those wishing to deploy it  by Philip Giraldi very interesting on evangelical war wanters in Army and Air Force

02/04/14  AIPAC Finds Momentum Blunted –NY Times–“Israeli Lobby” lost on starting war with Syria and now on Iran sanctions push.  But Republicans all fall in line.  Other Jewish voices having influence.  Rare loss in congress.  Most Americans don’t want to start more wars.

02/02/14  Al Qaeda: a Threat in need of Definition  Big problem for Washington, new groups calling themselve Al Qaeda, others linked, others competing withZawahiri, the formal leader, many loosely linked– engender wrath of Washington, but spread America thin and cost billions to bomb

02/02/14  End of the Tank?  Military budget about jobs, congress forces spending for more tank Army doen not want  BAE Systmes factory in Pennsylvania has suppliers in 44 states (just link unbelievably costly F-35)

01/11/14  Return of Al-Qaeda –It’s Everywhere and Nowhere -by Eric Margolis –lots of groups use its name for mystique.  “Branding your foes “terrorists” is a fine way of de-legitimizing them and denying them any political or humanitarian rights. However, the obvious problem here is that doing so creates an endless supply of “terrorists” and pressure to take action against them. That and oil are the reason US special forces are now beating the bush all over black Africa. It’s the never-ending “long war” that America’s militarist and neocon circles want…”

12/31/13   CNN poll–Afghanistan War Most Unpopular in U.S. History 17% now support war, down from 52% in December ’08

12/25/13  Edward Snowden, after months of NSA Revelations, says his mission’s accomplished  Washington Post long, comprehensive report on Snowden’s actions, his thinking, his information. details of what he released and why

12/04/13  Pew Research Poll Shows Vast Disaffection for Empire and Interventions  First time in 40 years majority believes America less important and should mind its own business–51% America does not much help in solving world problems, only 31% believe war in Afghanistan has made America safer, 56% disapprove Obama’s foreign policy, 70% believe U.S. less respected in world than ever in the past, BUT 77% believe America should trade and engage internationally on economic issues.

11/12/13  The Costs of War American Style – They Didn’t Know What They Were Getting Into by Ann Jones –excellent description of early and present conditions in Afghanistan, change in American troops, strategy, behavior, and changing views of Afghans towards them.  Incredible spending, waste, purposelessness. Includes links to evolution along the way— “Add to this list the toll of post-deployment suicides, and soldiers or veterans hooked on addictive opioids pushed by Big Pharma and prescribed by military doctors or VA psychiatrists either to keep them on the job or, after they break down, to “cure” them of their war experiences.”

11/11/13  Million Veterans Injured in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars  Nearly 270,000 brain injuries, 1 in 5 have PTSD, 1,400 + amputees, hard to find casualty numbers, military almost never releases numbers of wounded, only the killed.

10/18/13  Afghan Army Struggles With Damaged Equipment, Poor Logistics  3rd Worlders and modern war–unable even to supply combat boots, vast breakdown of supply chain, repairs from incompetence, stealing, lack of basic education  Remember for years American generals saying that we training Afghans who would soon run their war–whole question of American incompetence at “running the world” unless intent was for America to occupy Afghanistan (and Iraq) “forever.”  U.S. Congress unlikely to fund more war after American troops leave

10/26/13  After Troops Leave, U.S. to Lose Access to Afghan Reconstruction Projects Worth Billions   “As the military draws down and our field presence diminishes, USAID will lose most, if not all, of its field staff . . . and experience drastically reduced mobility around Afghanistan,” the agency wrote in a contracting solicitation.

10/01/13  The Forgotten War — 12 Years in Afghnistan Down the Memory Hole –by Ann Jones in Tom Dispatch –Al Jazeera report –extremely well researched and detailed about Afghanistan today by long time foreign correspondent–$7 Billion of equipment being scrapped, incredible cost and problems of removing equipment from land-locked nation, 11,000 Mwraps at 14 tons each, many being flown out.

9/21/13  Private Donations–Torrent of Cash From Muslim World Fund Syrian Islamists  $2,400 for travel, training and arming a non Syrian fighter, “to confront American terrorism,” according to appeals based on theories that old Arab dictators had American support

9/13/14  Why Washington Loves Going to War  by Leon Hadar — excellent analysis, it’s really about how wars are good for careers of politicians and journalists (lectures, TV appearances, “importance”)–See Also The Atlantic –“Has an insular Beltway elite and its hawkish assumptions made war in Syria more likely?

9/14/13  Antiwar Groups Finally Disillusioned with Obama and others, vast disillusion with President

9/14/13  War-weary residents near Norfolk Naval Station quietly oppose military action in Syria  Chesapeake Bay bridge tunnel closed for hours because of terrorist threat

9/13/13  Afghan Drawdown –Incredible Expense of Getting Equipment Out  budgeted $5-7 Billion –may cost 3 to 7 times as much–mostly being flown out

9/07/13  Revealed: The NSA’s Secret Campaign to Crack, Undermine Internet Security  cracked all codes, banks, business, foreign embassies, everything

9/07/13  Why America Is Saying ‘No’ to War by Peggy Noonan –“it’s more and more a fight between the country and Washington”

8/29/13 U.S. Searches finds No Legal Justification to Bomb Syria  Washington searches for allies to attack, wants to just bomb for a few days from offshore with no risk for pilots — UK Backing Off–Much Skepticism on Military Action

8/27/13  80% of Sunday Talk Show Hosts Want War with Syria While 70% Americans Opposed–CATO Chris Preble report on Sunday talk shows, list of journalists and position

8/21/13  Nationalist Left Rises–Post 60’s Progressives Adopt Militarism  what happened to Leftist anti-war movement? now it’s libertarians (and few leftists) who fight for constitutionalism and against empire

8/20/13  Is Afghanistan a Dead Man Walking by Kelley Vlahos

7/30/13  Shrinking Oversight in Afghanistan  As troops leave, American diplomats are confined to Kabul, unable to monitor U.S. funded projects

7/29/13  Flat Broke Superpower  by Arnaud de Borchgrave –Detroit just the beginning, 77,000 bridges need urgent repair, neglected home front, “insatiable need for costly weapons”

7/12/13  Our Afghan Wasteland  The $7 Billion in military gear left behind by Kelley Vlahos–very interesting details about problems of removing equipment from landlocked nation–what did Washington imagine when it invaded?  Flow of U.S. military gear across Afghan borders halts amid dispute –Afghans claim old taxes on imports–US now flies out equipment at costs of billions–Washington Post

7/08/13  Defense of Bradley Manning Starts Arguments   Video of U.S. Army killing Reuters reporters; testimony about conditions at Manning’s post in Iraq

7/07/13  Pentagon’s Vast Internet Operations for Propaganda and Counter Information  —Somali new citizen’s website vast operation in multiple languages on sophisticated web and social media sites

5/24/13  The End of Perpetual War  Obama’s declaration of new policy, but difficult to change Washington  For Obama’s Global Vision, Daunting Problems  “eschews a muscle-bound foreign policy, dominated by the military and intelligence services, in favor of energetic diplomacy, foreign aid and a more measured response to terrorism….It will be difficult to roll back what has been a gradual militarization of American foreign policy, even in an era of budget cuts for the Pentagon. “

5/20/13  Afghan Troops Lose Airlift Lifeline  Losing U.S. helicopter evacuations for wounded saps morale.  Washington taught Afghans to fight the “American way” e.g. helicopters, unlimited money, unlimited firepower and no negotiations with enemies — now left in lurch by American withdrawal–America leaving will encourage peace negotiations w/Taliban

5/11/13  U.S. Involved in 74 military actions in the world  Details about conflicts, training, etc all over

5/11/13  How the War on Iraq Became a War Against Christians  Think of all the evangelical war wanters in Iraq and their agend of hurring up Armageddon, Christians in the whole Middle East are the victims

03/21/13  The Waning of the War Whores  VANITY FAIR “Although the party still sees Ronald Reagan when it looks in the mirror, what the rest of the country sees is George W. Bush”

03/20/13  How Conservative Movement Was Discredited and Wrecked  by Chris Manion  from Goldwater to Bush, Can Rand Paul bring it back?

02/05/13  Hagel Hearing –The War Party’s Waterloo  Desperation to prove they were right about invading Iraq

02/05/13  U.S. Counter Terrorism in North Africa –Wash. Post — A Decade of Missteps  All African nations refuse to allow U.S. base, Mali government little interest in fighting Al Qaeda for America, U.S. soldiers little knowledge or care about tribes, cultures

01/14/13  French Jets in Mali Supplant Caution of U.S.  NY Times– “For years, the United States tried to stem the spread of Islamic militancy in the region by conducting its most ambitious counterterrorism program ever across these vast, turbulent stretches of the Sahara. But as insurgents swept through the desert last year, commanders of this nation’s elite army units, the fruit of years of careful American training, defected when they were needed most”  —-Details of U.S. policies—real question about Washington’s inability to conduct interventionis policies in tribal regions.

01/11/13  The Hidden Costs of Empire — The American Conservative — Pentagon Budget accounting conceals $170 Billion–1,000 bases overseas, 4,000 bases inside America, very detailed study with hard numbers

01/10/13  America’s Empire of Bases  by Tom Dispatch –Are there really over 1,000 bases? No one knows for sure.  Lots of details on incredible size and costs of bases

1/09/13  Obama Appointees to State and Defense Signal Shift to “Light Footprint” Foreign Policy Two combat veterans less enthusiastic for more wars  Republican Credibility on Defense Damaged by Excessive Militarization, Simplistic War Hawks may cede permanent cold war days advantage to Democrats

01/03/13  Afghan Soldier’s Journey from Friend to Killer of Americans  NY Times -detailed report on how war turns Afghans anti-American–most attacks by disaffected recruits, not by Taliban infiltrators–rare report of number wounded, Army never usually releases numbers of wounded Americans, on average 3-4 seriously wounded for every death.

12/27/12  High Cost of Disengagement From Afghanistan –750,000 major items, 50,000 vehicles, 90,000 shipping containers, 75,000 to return one heavy vehicle by air and sea transport out of land locked nation or $43,000 by surface transport through Russia and Europe;

12/27/12  Corruption and Waste in Afghan Aid  –millions up in smoke

12/23/12  U.S. Diplomats Even More Isolated After Benghazi  American diplomats and CIA already isolated in fortress embassies far away from downtown in traffic dense 3rd world cities–firing 4 security administrators makes others even more fearful to allow diplomats to circulated among native populations.  In Iraq diplomats have MRAPS to take them to lunch appointment with locals–Note: CIA assassinations in 3rd party nations make American diplomats new targets for terrorists

12/17/12  New Theory PTSD & Veterans–Moral Injury NEWSWEEK –self-harm leading cause of death in American Army, 1 in 4 who kill develop drinking problem, guilt and shame added to diagnoses, killing was single greatest risk factor for PTSD, bigger than heavy combat

12/15/12  Woes of an American Drone Operator  Der Spiegel–Interesting about how operators think; more evidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) coming from killing non-combttants

11/22/12  What Paula Broadwell Teaches Us About the Foreign-Policy Elite  by Justin Logan “The Washington foreign-policy elite is an insular, cosseted clique that obsesses over minutiae and discourages strategic thought….In the Beltway foreign-policy community, strategy debate is inherently unfriendly and to be avoided. Part of the reason so much attention is spent on process and operational details and so little time on strategy is that everyone can get together in a room and complain about the inter-agency process without disagreeing with another person in particular. The same isn’t true about choices over strategy. If one strategy is appropriate, the other possibilities are wrong…..While agonizing over process and operations, the Beltway foreign-policy elite goes to great lengths to avoid debate about strategy.”

11/20/12  Immigrants Against Empire  by Scott McConnell –Latin and Asian immigrants’ new voting power will restrain American war making, less concerned about Israel and Europe, less inclined to want wars for non-American interests than many old (white) males, particularly Evangelicals –See Armageddon Lobby.

11/16/12   U.S. Role in Asian Pacific Lacking Strategy Washington Times by Guy Taylor –“(American) Agenda seems as driven by desires to militarily confront China as impulses to avoid doing just that” –does this mean doing less everywhere else?

10/22/12 Facing Taliban threats, Afghan interpreters wait for U.S. visas  Strange empire where local helpers are rewarded with visas to get out of their nations —32 approved out of 5,700 applicants –all fear death from Taliban after America leaves

10/12/12  After Benghazi Questions Security All U.S. Embassies — built like fortresses outside of major cities, very difficult for U.S. diplomats to interact in local nations far from downtown and commercial centers.  Diplomats travel with guards, armored cars, meetings in hotels, diplomats take risks to meet locals

10/10/14  U.S. Platoon Awaits End Afghan War bored soldiers rarely cooperate with Afghan army, commanders fear any casualties, just waiting to leave country, mission is to avoid useless combat

10/01/12  America’s Inevitable Retreat from the Middle East   NY Times–huge distrust of Colonial powers, exaggerated idea of U.S. economic power, Israel turning into a loose canon

9/30/12  New Cultural Training Guide for U.S. & Afghan Troops  After 11 years Army focuses on teaching soldiers about Afghan culture to avoid offending them and trains Afghans about American culture.  Anther example U.S. arrogance in not bothering about understanding enemy (Sun Tzu dictum “Know thy enemy”).  Examples–blowing nose in public, touching Muslims’ bodies, showing genitals in showers, not stopping for prayers in combat missions, showing Afghans bottoms of one’s foot, etc

9/24/12 America’s Inevitable Retreat From Middle East Both Right and Left over-estimate American power and resources-NY Times

9/13/12  Judge Rules Against Law on Indefinite Detention  part of National Defense Authorization Act, opposition to growing police state, concomitant of empire,  voted for by Republicans–law says “people  who are part of or “substantially” supported Al Qaeda, the Taliban or “associated forces” hostile to the United States or its allies,” NY Times  This could reach to include journalists or anyone who criticized the Israeli Lobby.

9/07/12  Culture Clash With Afghans on Display at Briefings  Army makes new efforts to explain Afghan culture to soldiers and American culture to Afghans

9/07/12  Americans Ready to Cut Military Spending  Scott Rasmussen in Reason Magazine  67% want cuts in all government spending, 11% support America playing global cop, hundreds of billions of cuts are possible

8/24/12  Whatever Happened to Iraqi Oil? –very interesting recap of American occupation polic— incompetence and disasters –including the firing of Iraqi engineers, trying to set up American takeover, finally losing almost all influence –No benefit for America

8/13/12  Romney’s hard line Zionism  “THE HAWK On foreign policy, Romney has so far largely bypassed his party’s mainstream in favor of advisers with a decidedly neoconservative bent — confrontational, unilateral, with a missionary urge to spread American-style democracy and a particular affinity for Israel’s hard-liners. Romney’s more conventional insiders call it the “Bolton faction,” for John Bolton, among the most hawkish of George W. Bush’s “freedom agenda” interventionists. Bolton is now on the Romney team, but Dan Senor is the one who has Romney’s ear. At 40, he is next-gen Bolton, smoother, TV-savvy, post-cold war in age but cold war in spirit.”  Senor’s sister is AIPAC’s representative in Israel.

8/08/12  Gen. Boykin Meets with Romney -noted “Christian” anti-Muslim activist apparent advisor to Romney, says Muslim God is an idol, not a real God.

8/02/12  Romney chief advisor foreign policy is big hawk, sister is AIPAC director in Israel   –Advisor Dan Senor was spokesman for occupation in Iraq, close to Cheney, big promoter of Iraq war lies…Romney ignorance about Palestinians belies belief that once in office he might not be under thumb of neo-conservatives

8/02/12  Pentagon Models War with China  “Air-Sea battle” plan to attack deep into China to neutralize China efforts to keep U.S. carriers far out at sea

7/2/12  How Taliban Neutered Whole American Exit Strategy from Afghanistan  by William Lind, on Taliban strategies-Afghan soldiers killing American advisors–so Americans fear being alone with any Afghan -only killed some 20 American soldiers to mainly neutralize U.S. strategy.

6/25/12  Holbrooke and generals’ infighting inside Obama administration exacted a staggering cost: The White House failed to aggressively explore negotiations to end the war when it had the most boots on the battlefield.

6/24/12 A Misplaced Surge in Afghanistan –very interesting report on thinking of American Generals, independence of Marine Generals from Army command, how war is fought, preoccupation of officers to avoid casualties, missions aborted with first wounded, etc.  Excerpted from book of Washington Post reporter, Little America: The War Within the War for Afghanistan.”

6/10/12  Analysis of U.S. Submarine Fleet –-a bit dated, but interesting also about 7 missions of new subs, capabilities, also compares other nations’ fleets

6/03/12  Henry Kissinger –American Victories Today Mean Creation of Failed States and consequent unending chaos in region and more enemies for America

5/30/12  Videos Anti-war Veterans Demonstration at Chicago NATO meeting –soldiers thworing back medals –also shows superfluous medals given to every soldier, sailor, airman

5/27/12  Why So Little Accountability in Washington’s Foreign Policy  Those proven wrong with disastrous policies still dominate foreign policy making –power of money and military industrial complex

5/15/12  Huge Cuts in Nuclear Arsenal Urged by Commission  Former commanding general of nuclear forces and blue ribbon panel, including former Senator Chuck Hagel urge cuts in number of bombs

5/12/12  Pentagon Propaganda ‘Fiasco’ Exposed in House  DoD classes instructed ‘Total War’ on Muslims, Advocated ‘Hiroshima’ Tactics  millions spent to teach U.S. officers/police that Muslims greater threat to America than was Soviet communism –to launch unending wars against all Muslims, nearly a quarter of world’s population

3/16/12  Murdered American Colonel –one of three Air Force officers who spoke Pashto, the Afghan language -he was main liaison with Afghan police, also spoke some Persian and Arabic –incredible rarity among American military (then Pentagon says did not know why he was killed)

3/22/12  American Troops Stressed “to Breaking Point” –years in combat compared to average 40 days each during entire time in World War 2 Pacific theater–500,000 troops examined–Army Health Report

3/20/12  Superb Analysis of American Warfare State  by Anthony Gregory on Obama’s “National Defense Resources Preparedness” Order –how both Right & Left Extremists cooperate, Right wants unlimited warfare, Left wants command economy–both want like done in World War 2 –great description of the encroaching Fascist style regime they will bring about

3/09/12  How to Get Afghans to Trust US Once Again  very detailed analysis American problems working with & training Afghans, vast cultural differnces, making trainees do push-ups is very insulting in respect based culture, Americans need in depth training in Afghan culture & language, problem of rotating out soldiers after they gain confidence of Afghans, etc. –whole structure of American Army works against objectives — by Army Special Forces Major in Washington Post

3/08/12  Consequences of Attacking Iran  Washington plans using massive amounts depleted uranium

1/16/12  A changed Way of War in Afghanistan –NY Times, Fewer airstrikes, less bombing of civilians, concern for Afghan public opinion, major change in air tactics

1/15/12   10 American Freedoms Lost to the War on Terror –Obama continues Bush assault on Bill of Rights –Washington’s War Party establishment controls Democrats and Republicans

1/08/12   Why do we ignore the civilians killed in American wars? thoughtful analysis,  inside American psyche, indifference, foreign civilian deaths rarely reported in American media, frontier tradition of killing savages to civilize a lawless culture, 400 to 650,000 civilian deaths in Iraq, 100,000 in Afghanistan, indifference provides permission to leaders to start more wars, by John Tirman

12/27/11 How Bush’s War Torpedoed Nuclear Non-Proliferation Progress and World Agreements  Wash Post– Washington’s lies discredited America, made all nations believe America untrustworthy, just talk and broken promises

12/17/11  Iraq Withdrawal –  It’s Not America’s World Anymore by Andrew Bacevich–“merely avoiding defeat has become a staggeringly expensive proposition”

12/11   The Wisdom of Retrenchment  Foreign Affairs Magazineintelligent retrenchment will make America stronger –but very difficult because of entrenched pro-war interests in Washington

12/16/11  Iraq War Draws to a Ceremonial Close Thousands of U.S. diplomats, staff and guards stay in giant embassy with 80 big MRAP’s (mine-resistant-ambush-protected) armored vehicles to transport diplomats around country.   Ceremony in protected area pretends a great victory for democracy  AlJazeera report on U.S. Embassy — 17,000 employees-most money spent on protection, e.g. police training program for Iraqis– 88% of money used to pay, house, transport Americans  Images of War -Wash. Post pictures

12/11/11  Civilian killings created insurmountable hurdle to extended U.S. troop presence in Iraq Marines killed 24 civilians in their homes in outrageAmericans refuse to allow troops to be tried in loccal courts–no soldier punished

12/09/11  Comedian John Stewart (video) Parody on Republican Presidential Candiates kowtowing to Israeli Lobby–American foreign policy hostage to Israelis (Stewart is Jewish–symbol of Jewish resistance to Israeli Lobby,Ed.)

10/22/11  U.S. Leaving Balad Airbase  One of largest US bases in the world, formerly had over 30,000 soldiers, contractors, etc, with housing, cost billions of dollars, was planned for U.S. to stay forever

10/18/11  Iran’s nuclear program suffering new setbacks, diplomats and experts say  nuclear program as riddled with problems, equipment breakdowns, 4 murdered nuclear scientists, suppliers fradulent products, Stuxnet virus, etc.  (Wash. Post report)

10/16/11  Thousands of Libyan Anti=aircraft Missiles Missing – Details of missiles, up to 16,000 ft. altitude, first weapons to disappear, may be spreading through Middle East.  Another easy “cake walk” war expected to last “days, not weeks” with untold, unending consequences.  Also major threat to civilian airliners.

9/11/11  10 Years After, World Sympathy Has Waned –great growth of world animosity against America because of policies America followed (Bin Laden’s great victory, Ed.)

9/07/11  Afghan Army Attract Few Recruits From Majority Pashtuns   Fear of being killed by Taliban after America leaves–Army still relies mainly on Northern tribes who are mostly enemies of Pashtuns  NATO Tries New Way to Count Southern Pashtuns  only make up 3% of Afghan army

9/04/11  Stealth Missions–Top Secret America –operations in 15 countries, commando raids and assassinations, little oversight, without uniforms, torture and detaining families of suspects (those who tortured Iraqis reportedly “disciplined,” used by Obama more than by Bush– long Washington Post report

9/04/11  Former Iraq President Allawi — on deteriorating conditions, needs for rule of law in Iraq, abuses, potential chaos

9/03/11  Afghan Military Hospital –Graft and Deadly Neglectwounded Afghans starved, not given medicines, immense corruption and payoffs –(another example of U.S. inability to “create” a modern nation out of a tribal society, Ed.)

9/03/11  Captured Files Note Close C.I.A. Ties to Quaddafi Spy Unit  CIA sent suspects for torture, also British MI 5 cooperated

9/02/11  CIA Becomes A Third Military  Assassinations anywhere without Congress oversight, drones, commando raids, unlimited funding, joint exercises with special forces, seals.  Becoming its own, independent force.

8/31/11  Congress Investigation of Wartime Contracting –$30 billion wast and fraud in Iraq/Afghanistan, inability and lack of interest in controlling it, 15 recommendation for contracting reform

7/19/11    Million Dead in Iraq — 6 Reason for media cover-up  “Because the number of civilians killed in a U.S. war is so morally fraught, the news media, academics and political leaders tend to gravitate toward the figure (if mentioned at all) that is least disturbing.” ALTERNET by John Tirman –Tirman is executive director of MIT’s Center for International Studies. His new book, “The Deaths of Others: The Fate of Civilians in America’s Wars,” was released July 7, 2011 by Oxford Press.

7/05/11   -Superb, very interesting Power Point Presentation explaining Fourth Generation Warfare –what America is fighting and can’t win

7/03/11  U.S. Augments non-Pakistan Supply Routes to Afghanistan  Incredible costs and time of supplying troops, even with water, vulnerability of supply routes through Asia and Uzbekistan

6/17/11  Baghdad  Citizen Misery Continues –almost no civil government for trash, water, police, 8 years after U.S. “victory”

6/15/11  Republicans Less United on Pro-war, Pro-empire-Debate of presidential candidates shows change, costs of wars, elusive objectives

6/08/11  Senate Report Challenges Afghan Projects & Sustainability-No way Afghans can maintain vast military being set up by Washington, incredible waste, U.S. money creates and feeds corruption,  little accountability –good in depth report

5/31/11  Afghanistan Debate Shifting to Costs  “from is the strategy working” to “can America afford it?”

3/09/11  Putting Afghan Plan Into Action Proves Difficult (Impossible, Ed) impossibility of training locals often from other tribes to replace Americans–Soldiers in field say only possible with unending American occupation, meanwhile just creating more enemies

2/24/11  CPAC and Changing Conservatives   Not so keen on more wars as libertarians have more influence

2/19/11 Latin Americans Recognize Palestine State, seek friendly relations with Arabs, separate from  Washington/Isreal policies

2/17/11  Obama Now Plans to Continue Soldiers in Iraq  past promised deadline

1/21/11  Pakistan Begins Collapse into Chaos  –America now seen as enemy of Muslims, growing Islamist strength, corrupt government, etc, etc.

1/20/11  Glaspie Memo (Wikileaks) Confirms Iraq Set Up For Destruction by Father Bush– Refutes Claims Leaked Docs Were Classified for ‘Security’  US Ambassador Told Saddam Washington Would Not Start War to Save Kuwait in 1990 by Jason Ditz

1/19/01  America’s Peacetime Crimes against Iraq by Anthony Gregory –details of the killing of innocents and destruction of the nation over 20 years time

1/13/11  Tea Party Voters Worry About War Pricetag –67% want fewer troops or to get out of Afghanistan

1/08/11  No Sex Please, We’re Soldiers   Females, gays, puritan traditions confusing and disrupting entire military, half of dismissed Navy captains because of sexual issues, army and marines zero tolerance for sex, any female can jeopardize officers’ lifetime careers by claiming harrassment

1/07/01  Many More Survive Horrendous Wounds  only 8% of wounded die (compared to 20% in 2005) , quick helicopter evacuations, soldiers taught first aid to control blood loss, questions about long term costs & care

12/15/10  NEW Can the United States Do Grand Strategy  Why it can’t –superb article by Walter McDougall, excellent analysis of American strengths and weaknesses

12/13/10  More Christians Fleeing Iraq –settled since Roman times, forced out because of general lawlessnes and seen as allies of America–America’s famous “victory” —Few American Businesses Invest, fearful for their lives— lawlessness, corruption–of 400 exhibits at trade fair, only 2 from U.S. businesses

11/29/10  Vast Costs Expected for Security of Americans Remaining in Iraq  also businessmen afraid, reason so little American investments –“war for oil” ends up with Americans excluded because of safety fears.

11/03/10  Afghan Government Can’t Fill Civil Posts in Kandahar –What to do after occupying–always problem for U.S.–locals fear assassination if co-operate with Americans

10/27/10  Wikileaks Evidence Questions “Surge” Success  Not because of more soldiers but from different policies and ending of ethnic cleansing (some 2 million internal refugees in Iraq), Sunnis turning against Al Qaeda

10/17/10  China Wraps Up Central Asian Oil & Gas  while Washington hemorrhages resources on useless war and blockading Iran

10/10/10 Only 10% of Americans favor attacking Iran even if it obtains a nuke   CBS poll–other interesting results

10/03/10  Traumatic Brain Injury from Bombs Blasts to American Troops  New study shows much more widespread than originally thought, diagnosed in 180,000 soldiers since 2,000 (Rand study reports 320,000)  American Journal of Nursing Descriptions “signature wound” of Iraq-Afghan wars  20% of serving troops affected, most cases mild

8/30/10  Pakistani Generals Delegation Attending U.S. Army Conference Abused by Dulles Airport Security –typical of insults and reasons America cannot run an empire

9/25/10  Plight of Iraqi Refugees– including many Christians–2.5 million fled the country mainly to Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, 2 million more dislocated inside Iraq, expelled or fled from homes during ethnic cleansing, many formed bulk of middle classes

8/20/10  Nation Breaking -U.S. Infantry Office Describes Training/Supplying Iraqi Army  Superb descriptions of “training” & working with  Iraqi Army– uncaring officers, incredible waste and stealing–he concludes that main Washington interest was that of keeing permanent air bases

8/01/10  22 Gallons Per Day at $45 Per Gallon  Cost for each American soldier in Afghanistan

7/30/10  Wikileaks Identified Afghans Who Helped and/or Collaborated with Americans   Great fears they will be killed or imprisoned if U.S. military leaves country as happened in Vietnam, Cambodia, (and to Algerians after French left)—problems in all wars for those who help U.S.

7/19/10  Suicide Bombers Hit Line of Militia Members Collecting Paychecks At least 48 killed–continuing killing of Iraquis who helped Americans suppress Al Qaeda –lesson aimed at intimidating any Iraqis (or Afghans) who ally with American forces that they will eventually be killed

7/01/10  Who Benefits From Empire?  Pride and money interests in wars–American incompetence at running it

6/30/10  Endless Wars and Praetorianism  by Andrew Bacevich –always interesting

6/24/10  Afghan Mission Impossible  by George Will –excellent analysis of what’s happening

6/18/10  Wikileaks Soldier Reveals Orders for “360 Rotational Fire” Against Civilians in Iraq  big problems with military atrocities in new age of open media– soldiers ordered to fire indiscriminately on civilians  Pentagon Hunting For Wikileaks Founder

6/17/10  Washington Opposes ICC Agenda To Make Starting a War a War Crime  U.S. not a member of International Criminal Court but works closely with it

6/06/10  America–Flying too close to the Sun–“The Icarus Syndrome” great analysis of American pride and where it is leading us

5/29/10  Obama Strategy Little Different From Bush  detailed analysis Obama speech at West Point by William Pfaff

5/28/10  Good Analysis of “Go For Broke” Afghan Strategy-Afghan effort tied to success in Kandahar –details on enormous problems of “winning” in a tribal war while trying not to kill many civilians and damage economy –Taliban kills any peasant who cooperates with Americans or threaten to after Americans leave

5/20/10  Turkey and Brazil Stymie Washington/Israel Plans for Economic Blockade of Iran  Proposal to exchange uranium for enrichment — excellent article detailing and updating Iran stalemate on uranium

4/30/10  Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Caused by US Occupation  detailed study of number of deaths by British Polling Group-lots of details

4/28/10  Iranian technocrats, disillusioned with government, offer wealth of intelligence to U.S. good summary of knowledge about Iran nuclear abilities–also shows weaknesses of Iran regime

1/20/10  Assault in Kabul by Suicide Taliban Fighters leaves main shopping center in ruins and vast doubts about ability of government to provide security or safety

1/20/10  U.S. AID Programs Find Few Trained Afghans  Few dare to live in provinces, scarce administrative ability or even literacy, little communications structure—$40 billion in U.S. aid since 2002 mostly went to foreign non-Afghan companies–“contractors” with extraordinary high security costs for body guards, etc. (other new reports state that millions or billions paid in protection money to safeguard trucks carrying supplies through Taliban territory, Ed)

1/20/10  Washington Ups Activity in Yemen  concern for non-Arabs and Americans being trained as terrorists, return to Yemen of experienced guerrillas from Iraq, Americans converted in U.S. prisons settling in Yemen

12/14/09  British Iraq War Inquiry Hearings Reveal Much About Planning show Washington rush to war, no English influence on Bush, no consultations, “a frustrated sidekick”

12/15/09  Incredible Costs & Problems Supplying Fuel to Troops in Afghanistan massive truck convoys, bribes to Taliban, efforts via Caspian Sea from Azerbaijan–300,000 gallons of jet fuel per day, 3-500 trucks per month with just one contractor, dozens of trucks destroyed by Taliban each monthconstruction contracts with delivery for date Obama said he would start withdrawal of troops

12/15/09  Massive Costs for State Department Security for Diplomats in War Zones  All Americans feared as targets of radicals and guerrillas

12/13/2009  U.S. firms lag in bids for Iraqi oil : Russians, Europeans and Chinese win most contracts for developing major fields   (After war was fought to gain access-Americans may be hated and in fear of future safety- a trillion dollars for a useless war and paying out hundreds of billions in higher oil prices. Ed)

12/12/09  Kabul Embassy Guards’ Sex Parties Report Show Extent of Reliance on Contractors incredible number and duties of contractors and costs –one auditor per 2.2 Billion dollars of contracts–little oversight

12/05/09  Japan Military Obedience to Washington Is Cooling  New Government bends to local political resistance on U.S. bases

11/26/09  The Cost of War Supplies on the Battlefield by Phil Giraldi –unbelievable costs of supplying troops in Afghanistan (& no one seems to care)

11/15/09  $1 Million Per Soldier Per Year -costs $40 billion for 40,000 more men to Afghanistan–the American way of war.

11/13/09  How U.S. Army Protects Its Trucks– by Funding the Taliban — bribes to allow trucks thru Pakistan and Afghanistan – some 10% of billions for logistics transportation of supplies

11/13/09 Rebuilding Its Economy, Iraq Shuns U.S. Businesses  NY Times –Turkish, Iranian companies get most of the business, Europeans next–Russian company replaces FEDEX

11/07/09  Prospect of More American Soldiers Worries Wary Afghan Public  NY Times –worries that Washington planning permanent occupation –See also  The Pentagon’s Afghan Building Boom -Billions for US base construction

11/06/09 Review of Afghan Forces Question Training Goals  NY Times —very interesting–illiterate peasants build fires in barracks for cooking, tear out wash basins to wash feet before prayers–25% desertion rate, only a quarter of police have had formal training, much infiltration by Taliban

10/31/09  Kipling Haunts Obama’s Afghan War  Excellent write of of Rand Corp. conference on Afghan war –different consequences, trying to avoid disaster

10/31/09  Russian General’s Analysis During Their War  Reads just like American generals today –excellent analysis by Russian author, Victor Seyestyen, author of Revolution 1989: The Fall of the Soviet Empire

10/30/09  Obama Agonizes About What To Do  Good wrap-up of Afghan problems for U.S.

10/26/09  Vast Resistance in Pakistan Against American Demands and insertion of security forces, ordering Paks what to do, etc –analysis of Pakistan situation  —16% of Paks view America favorably

10/19/09  Flow of terrorist recruits increasing : Westerners attending camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan    US fears European & non-Arab recruits trained in terrorisminternationalization of recruiting, many new volunteers

10/15/09  America Should Fight From Afar by Robert Pape –analysis of strategy to fight in Afghanistan

9/28/09  Training Afghan Army & Police  very interesting on culture & how big Americans “teach” under-nourished, small Afghans to carry big loads and try to become like American soldiers, lots that one does not see in American media by a knowledgeable author/reporter, Ann Jones

9/27/09  McChrystal Says Insurgents Are Winning Communications Battle    i interesting report on U.S. inability, waste in image building–quotes Adm. Mullen, “America should worry less about how to communicate our actions that what our actions communicate.”

9/15/09  New Deadlier IED’s Without Metal  Army scrambles to make better mine detectors as weapon takes toll on U.S. troops

9/02/09  For Taliban Winning Is Just Not Losing  learning new, effective tactics, point for them is just holding out until Americans leave

8/31/09   The Corruption of Empire –– tens and tens of billions wasted, stolen and lost in Iraq reconstruction — corruption of American military officers from so much easy money.

8/28/09  It’s America’s Policies, Not Failure to Explain Our Message That Makes America So Hated critique from Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff

8/04/09  What’s Different About Obama’s Foreign Policy?  Not much, writes Elliot Cohen in the Wall Street Journal

8/03/09  Problems of Violence From Returning Soldiers  interesting reports from Colorado

7/20/09  Prisons in Afghanistan Face Major Overhaul   Lawless, violent and pacific and suspects all mixed together, concern that they are being used to recruit hard cord Taliban fighters.  U.S. to fund new construction —yes, yes! the problems of empire

7/23/09  Mercenary Air Forces Underpin Afghanistan, Africa Operations     interesting report on military and aid agencies use of mercenaries

7/20/09  Impossible Task of U.S. Military in Afghanistan  good analysis, Taliban win either way, always escape, always present– U.S. attacks always kill civilians and create more enemies

6/24/09  Immigrants & Foreign Policy  Main basis of foreign policy – coming changes in American interventionism and activism overseas from growing Latin and Asian voter influence

6/15/09  The Bankrupt Empire  Costs of Weaponry, suggestions for reform, soldiers’ tours of duty, lots of links

6/7/09  New Gov’t Report on Incredible Waste in War Spending   More than 240,000 private sector employees are supporting military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thousands more work for the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development.  But the government has no central data base of who all these contractors are, what services they provide, and how much they’re paid. The Pentagon has failed to provide enough trained staff to watch over them, creating conditions for waste and corruption…”

5/17/09  Air Force Strategy Under Review  killing too many civilians with its way of war

4/10/09  Corruption, Tribalism & Taliban Make Winning Impossible  NY Times details the mess in Afghanistan

3/02/09  Tactical Success, Strategic Defeat in Afghanistan   Afghan Outrage at U.S. Raid Highlights Challenges Facing New Military Push

2/02/09  Israel’s Invasion of Gaza  another disaster for America in Muslim world

12/29/08  Economic Crisis May Curtail War Making says Ron Paul, war wanters dominate both Parties’ foreign policy, killing innocents generates so much hatred of America, one day foreigners will hit us back

12/14/08  Total Incompetence & Malfeasance in “Rebuilding” Iraq  so dumb and thieving that it’s almost impossible not to believe it was intentional to wreck Iraq

12/07/08  Dead End in Afghanistan  excellent analysis of current, unending, unclear objectives, alliances, purpose, impossibility of U.S. objective

10/07/08  Myth of Georgian Democracy Incompetence, corruption, police state shut downs of opposition media & TV, ruin and/or murder of opponents.  See also New York Times report on Saakashvili rule and oppression — peaceful demonstrations attacked by secret police

10/02/08  45% of Americans Now Strongly Want Reduced Overseas Military — up from 35% before financial crisis

10/01/08  Israel Lobby Fails Effort to Get Congress to Approve War with Iran   proposal for naval blockade of Iran so as to start a war

9/30/08  BBC Poll 22 Countries– “U.S. War on Terror Has Not Weakened Al-Qaeda”  Most say no effect or U.S. has made Al-Qaeda stronger

9/25/08   280 Congressmen Support AIPAC Resolution to Start War With Iran  — Naval blockade plan shelved by House Democratic leadership before a vote as time runs out

9/18/08  Obama’s VP Choice of Senator Biden  done to re-assure AIPAC & Israel Lobby– Biden has solid record as pro-Zionist, favored all the wars, prevented anti-war views as committee chair before attack on Iraq

9/08/08  Questions About the “Success” in Iraq  CATO Study –other Arabs don’t behave as if America “winning” –Al Qaeda surged in Afghanistan matching U.S. surge in Iraq

9/04/08  Israel of the Caucasus  main supplier of weapons to Georgia, paid for by Washington, 2 Georgian Air Bases committed for Israeli use to bomb Iran

8/19/08   Kurdish Control of Kirkuk Creates a Powder Keg  irreconcilable demands of Kurds for control of oil resources against local Turkmen and Arabs and central government

8/17/08  Georgia — Two Sides Descent into War  very good analysis of history & misjudgments

7/31/08  Strained by war, U.S. Army promotes unqualified soldiers  including into officer ranks

7/06/08  The Decider Who Can’t Decide  Bush analyzed–1) Leaving fundamental disagreements to fester, 2) failure to follow through, 3) letting policymaking turn chaotic –analysis of overall ignorance and incompetence

6/08/08  Old Al-Qaeda Fading, Meet the Next Generation of Jihadists   less educated, often not religious, just enraged at attacks on Muslims by America and humiliation in Europe, finding their identiy

6/01/08  U.S. “Africa Command” Plan for New Bases and Troops Repudiated by Africans Nations Loath to Host Force; Aid Groups Resisted Military Plan to Take On Relief Work

5/24/08  A “Surge” in U.S. Air Strikes Killing many Iraqi Civilians   U.S. escalates bombing in densely populated areas, after missiles fired at Embassy compound.  Army says it’s sorry, but necessary when bombing to kill “criminals.”

5/23/08  Audit Show $15 Billion Missing Records including Iraqi money taken from UN accountsInspector General for Defense Dept. report — all sorts of payments without records

5/10/08  U.S. Adops Israeli Occupation Methods  walling off parts of cities and towns, selective air strikes, trying to isolate resistance, trying to do what French failed in Algeria.

5/05/08  U.S. Oil Companies Can’t Drill in Libya  Pending undefended lawsuits for billions against Libya can now be collected from U.S. companies if do business in Libya –4 month old law- now Bush seeks exemption for Libya from Congress for law he signed –See also Bloomberg News

4/28/08  Millions of Iraq Reconstruction Projects Never Completed  Audit by Inspector General for Iraq of some of $100 Billion construction projects paid by U.S.

4/21/08  The New Walls of Baghdad  very informative study of U.S. tactics, copied from Israelis, to divide cities with walls, check points, trying to maintain permanent bases

4/17/08  Congress Hearings on Civil Defense if Washington is Nuked  Risk is increasing every year

4/02/08  Today’s Spies Get Information From Internet — open sources replacing secret agents, too much information to process, briefings for President include internet info.–often faster and more accurate than intelligence reports.

3/30/08  Pakistan’s Border Bad Lands   Same tribe as Afghan Pashtuns (Taliban), view America as imperialist like former British, U.S. bombing is counter productive, no way out for U.S. except unending war, U.S. losing moral highground  See also Culture-Politics Hinder U.S. Efforts on Pakistan Border

3/30/08  Hot to Withdraw by Iraq by Zbigniew Brezinski — genuine withdrawal, Palestine peace, work with neighboring nations

3/16/08  The War Was About Oil –but not wanted by oil companies or international business– but yes by intellectuals (neoconservatives) “empire wanters” and “War Party” profiteers

3/09/08  Iraq War Will Cost Three Trillion  adding in worn out equipment replacements, care of wounded, benefits for veterans, interest on money borrowed for war, etc See also London Times  also   70,000 vets with hearing loss

3/09/08  U.S. Troops Losing Hearing  nearby blasts of IED’s, 70,000 receiving disability payments for total or partial loss

2/26/08  The Real Story Behind Kosovo Independence  Washington & international law (when it’s convenient)– a good wrap up of what happened with Clinton’s illegal war

2/15/08   Bribery Investigation of Prince Bandar Exploding –BAE paid $1 Billion possible bribes–Follow the money–Saudis threatened British government to stop co-operation and information on terrorists-U.S. freezes his assets

2/11/08  Army Buried RAND Study Faulting Iraq Planning  Bush/Rumsfeld assumption of easy, chaep reconstruction, continuity of Iraq’s police and civil bureaucracy, no discussion of possible true costs, etc

1/28/08  The World in 2016  divided as Orwell expected by 1984

1/23/08  Bid To Toughen Iran Sanctions Faces Obstacles On Capitol   Israel Lobby can’t push them through, business and some Jewish groups opposed

1/23/08  Iraq’s New Law Could Bring Another Purge of Former Baathists  again a new expulsion of the trained managers and teacher, etc. –no reconcilation

1/07/08  Pakistanis want Islamic democracy, distrust US -poll interesting–70% believe U.S. goal is to divide and weaken Islam, 40% oppose capturing Bin Laden, 66% do not turst U.S. to “act responsibly in the world” more-

1/07/08  Bush: Bad for America, Bad for Israel  Haaretz on Bush visit to Israel– “all we got from Bush: a more entrenched and brutal occupation with the open, or tacit, encouragement of the U.S.; a green light for another superfluous war in Lebanon;”

12/08/07  List of ‘Willing’ U.S. Allies Shrinks Steadily in Iraq  Kept in obscurity so as not to risk any casualties, rarely any combat–20 nations– example 13 soldiers from Romania, 1 from Singapore.  Allies expect payoff later from America in aid or support

11/30/07  New Understanding- Reason for Firing Whole Iraqi Army and Civil Service It was not to wreck the country, but rather to eliminate nationalists who would object to U.S. companies taking over oil resources –(We rather subscribe to idea that it was not done out of stupidity by Rumsfeld-Feith, they were not stupid men, however it also served Feith’s Likud loyalties).  Army was loyal to Iraq nation, unlike tribes and Shia leaders.  Garner was fired because he objected, wanted Army to maintain order and nationhood.

11/26/07  War Supporter Howard Defeated in Australia  last major Bush/Cheney ally for wars defeated, Australia to withdraw troops from Iraq, move away from Neocon American foreign policies

11/26/07  U.S. Incapable of Building Needed Refineries  Paralysis in Washington, environmental laws and laws to allocate refining to ethanol hinder economics –gasoline imports doubled to 10% of needs.

11/18/07  What Does Iraq Cost? Even More Than You Think. 250,000 bullets for each dead guerrilla – Joint Economic Committee estimates cost through ’08 budget at $1.3 Trillion, CBO says $1 Trillion

11/18/07  Losing Afghanistan, One Civilian at a Time  firepower and nervous soldiers don’t win guerilla wars

11/11/07  America’s Imperial Shadow in Middle East, seen as continuation of European imperialism, but more self righteous

11/06/07  Court-Martial for Killing 3 Iraqis  fake weapons put out as “bait” – then Iraqis picking them up were killed, other cases of killing unarmed young men just for running away to build up body count

11/05/07  Trial in Iraq of Top Shiite for murder of Sunnis in Hospitals  interesting report on how militias got established, how they did killings

11/03/07  How Iraq’s Elections Set Back Democracy by Ayad Allawi– rush to proportional system, voters did not know names of candidates, could only vote for (mainly ethnic) party lists made by politicians, etc.   See proportional representation problems for more on this type of electoral system

11/03/07  State Dept., other agencies short changed as most money goes to military military setting up units for diplomacy, intelligence, oversight, language skills, etc, while AID, USIA, State, etc. decimated or destroyed.

10/30/07  Catastrophic Iraq Occupation the U.S. Media Rarely Reports Deaths, hospitals, bombing, etc.

10/19/07  Head of Reconstruction Teams in Iraq Reports Little Progress Throughout Country  businesses shut down, scarce electricity, no maintenance of facilities built by U.S., few jobs, general misery without hope

10/16/07  Hatred of U.S. Drives al-Qaeda Recruiting  “occupied my country, destroyed it and made millions [of] refugees. It is an honor to fight this”

10/8/07  Top Iraqis Pull Back from Key U.S. Goal  Very detailed report on inability of Iraq government to reform itself or become effective — because of the way the U.S. set up electoral system and power holding from the beginning

9/30/07  Washington Post Series  Dire fight to Beat War’s Most Effective Weapon  IED’s now spreading to Afghanistan and fears that they will come to other parts of the world  New type of bomb is unexpectedly lethal in Iraq  Insiders say billions spent on ‘defeat the device’ moves not doing enough  Saga of billions trying to neutralize IED’s  trying everything, even 600 lb. doors on trucks, soldiers nearly immobilized inside giant armored new vehicles, constantly adapting intelligent enemy

9/04/07  Infiltration by Sjia of Iraq Police and Army  and Signing Up Sunnis  Two reports explaining Iraq situation and impossibility of any military resolution by Americans.  Situation only possible as long as U.S. troops stay.

8/30/07  GAO Report Finds Little Progress on Iraq Goals  Iraq fails to meet all but 3 of 18 Congress mandated benchmarks

8/12/07    Libby & the Intent to Destroy Iraq   American Prospect

8/7/07   As British Leave, Basra Deteriorates  Infighting, tribes, gangs vie for stealing oil money, British stay cooped up at main base

8/3/07  Total U.S. Ignorance of Iraq’s Tribal Society  Maliki and his Dawa party govern as a tribe, no ability or experience in compromising with others, Dawa has not militia like other Shia tribes, no money to support Sunni area rebuilding  Gates–“U.S. Misjudged Iraqi Leaders Discord”  all this comes back to Neocon control of policies  GAO Report on Iraq Oil Sector

9/01/07  $150 Barrel Oil “easily managed” says Heritage Foundation but a million fewer jobs in 2008, then U.S. would allow drilling in Alaska.

7/17/07   Payback for NATO Expansion  by Ivan Eland– U.S. violation of Two Plus Four agreement for Russians to evacuate East Germany

7/18/07  Report on Contractor (mercenary) “army” in Iraq   key support for US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, civilians have little oversight and, back home, little help.  New Associated Press Report on Contractors

6/23/07  U.S. Using Kurdish Infiltrators into Iran   to disrupt and try to cause ethnic conflict and chaos like in Iraq, 1200 Israeli Intelligence agents in Northern (Kurdish) Iraq

6/16/07  Report on Private Contractors  — key role, 100 companies, 20-30,000 contractors, 14% of convoys being attacked, number rising over prior years, hundreds killed

6/14/07  U.S. Tries to Set Up Competent Intelligence Service in Iraq  problem Iranian influence in Shia organizations, Iranians also had lists of former Iraqi intelligence officials and many assassinated (note earlier reports (Jamestown Foundation) that pilots, engineers, former generals also murdered, Ed.)

6/10/07   Republican Presidential Candidates’ Debates Show American Democracy Incapable of Intelligent Imperialism  appealing to Southern (war & religion) base, disaffecting the rest of America

6/10/07  Military Envisons Long Term (Smaller) Presence in Iraq -Leaving would take 3,000 large convoys 10 months to remove U.S. military gear and personnel.—“2005 election only made things worse, deepened sectarian divides,” says U.S. general

5/30/06   Recapturing the Essentials of Counterinsurgency  well researched history of guerrilla warfare and listing of necessary measures for success.

5/24/07  Fortress Embassies Damage Diplomacy  Get out of our garrisons

5/16/07   What Bremer Got Wrong in Iraq  reinforced tribal culture, many soldiers and officers who wanted to co-operate with U.S. (and promised so in pre-war U.S. propaganda) were dismissed along with all other government officials

4/24/07  How to infuriate Russia and the European Union and waste $10 billion a year.  putting antimissiles in Europe to defend against Iran??

4/20/07   Training Iraqi Troops No Longer U.S. Priority  training and equipment given mainly to Shia militias with loyalty to their tribes– training locals to replace American soldiers was basis of whole U.S. policy

4/03/07  Iraqi Sunni Widow Murdered by Shiites  –futility- of U.S. efforts to protect Iraqis from ethnic cleansing – Sunnis being eliminated in Baghdad even after U.S. soldiers try to intervene – NY Times story

3/16/07  The Trillion Dollar Budget is Already Here  $1 million for each new soldier  –presumably includes equipment, perhaps not his pension

3/15/07  U.S Has Four Very Large Bases in Iraq —each with housing for tens of thousands of troops, no plans to give them up, quarter billion dollars spent already on one, Balad Air Base, also occupies whole Northern quarter of Kuwait

3/14/07  National Guard Troops Never Signed Up for service overseas, Article I, Section 8; Clause 15: The Congress shall have Power … To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.

3/12/07  Terrorists Harder To Profile  new recruits among regular Europeans, other, no longer looking like Arabs or Middle Easterners

3/02/07  National Guard Major Equipment Shortages 88% of units “not ready” – billions of dollars equipment shortfalls, material left in Iraq or stripped for other units, shortage for training and emergencies

3/01/07  New Doubts On Nuclear Efforts by North Korea  U.S. Less Certain of Uranium Program

2/27/07  Among Religious Groups, Jewish Americans Most Strongly Oppose War  77% of Jews agree “US made Mistake in Invading Iraq”

2/26/07  American Views of Foreign Nations  poll data

2/20/07  Young Arabs All over Muslim World  volunteering to fight Americans in Iraq, fear of future cadres of anti-U.S. fighters all over Muslim world and Europe  North Africa Feared as Staging Ground for Terror  NY Times — Al Qaeda training disaffected youths

2/18/07   Simple, Cheap “shaped” Explosives Wrecking Havoc with American Tanks EFP’s (Explosively Formed Penetrators) made from cheap copper disks, easily manufactured

2/16/07   How Bush Wrecked U.S. Oil Interests  decling goodwill towards U.S., Rus-China alliance, losing out in Muslim world, empowering OPEC

2/15/07  Long Term Care for War Wounded Estimated at $350 Billion  another example of the incredibly high cost of empire

2/3/07  In Iraq, Kurds Train to Battle Iran question where money weapons come from

1/30/07   Reasons Why Afghanistan Pacification is Failing  U.S. put Tajiks in charge, anathma to majority Pashtun tribes, inability of Washington to run sophisticated occupations

1/28/07  Our Mercenaries in Iraq  Blackwater Corp

1/27/07  Shia Iraqi soldier beat Sunnis as US trainers watch  English paper broadcast GI filming of operation in Baghdad (Youtube) Will the “surge” just mean ethnic cleansing of Sunnis?

1/25/07  Spanish court issues search and capture warrant for American soldiers for killing journalist with tank shell fired on hotel full of journalists

1/24/07   The Low Ebb of American Soft Power by Joseph Nye

1/24/07  U.S. losing business travelers to Europe  Strict security measures on international visitors lead to drop, report shows

1/23/07  Views on U.S. Drop Sharply In Worldwide Opinion Poll  29% now say US has positive effect on the world, down from 40% two years earlier

1/22/07  War’s Arab Supporters Bitter Over Its Results  Washington incompetence, abandonment of Palestine peace process, renewed support for dictators, reinforcement of fanatics

12/15/06  U.S. Army & Marines Being “Hollowed Out” Army Chief of Staff testimony, 10,000 additional soldiers cost $1.2 billion per yr up from $700 million in 2001 because of bonuses & incentives = $120,000 per man (plus maybe retirement benefits–not clear)

12/14/06  Farewell to Pax Americana  costing too much, allies going their own way, China rising, 72% against

12/08/06  Iraq Study Group Repudiation of Bush Policies   must deal directly with Arab-Israeli peace process, learn culture, only 6 of 1,000 in Embassy speak Arabic /Consensus from hundreds of sourcesExecutive Summary

12/06/06 Census – 100,000 American contractors in Iraq breakdown of occupations incl. translators, bodyguards, etc, 650 killed

12/05/06   Another Disaster– F-22 Below Expectations  “The F-22 fails to improve America’s fighting force and degrades our combat capability”

12/05/06   Another Mess– US Report finds Dismal Training of Afghan Police  most of $1.1 Billion spent on contract (mercenary) advisor company in America, Dyncorp– $1.6 billion for Iraq and Afghan work for last 3 years

12/04/06  Tehran Court Does to America What America Does to Others  allows plaintiff to seize U.S. property (Embassy) for monetary damages. U.S. stripped Vienna Convention diplomatic immunity from nations on U.S. “sponsors of terrorism” list; Tehran court declares U.S. similarly a “sponsor of terrorism.”  Iranian kidnapped by U.S. for trading with Libya when he was not subject to U.S. laws.

12/04/06   Election Devastates Republicans in Statehouse Races  down to 22 governors & loss of whole Northeast.  Governors agree reason was majority against all Republicans to show opposition to Bush Iraq war and Republican congress.

11/19/06   Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush  “Whole philosophy of using American strength for good in the world, for a foreign policy that is really value-based instead of balance of power bases,  I don’t think is disproven by Iraq, but it is certainly discredited.” Kenneth Adelman

11/10/06  Why We Can’t Win  need for simplicity, ridiculous term “Islamofascism” equates all as enemies, thoughtful book

10/21/06  The New American Cold War  Discrediting democracy by equating it with NATO expansion/encirclement of Russia

10/07/06   Why America Can’t Win Against Guerrillas  11 reasons–  F-22’s instead of Arabic speakers, etc, etc

10/3/06   Anti-U.S. views Grow in Turkey    now because of  Kurdish terrorists with U.S. supplied weapons–100 Turkish security officers killed in ’06 so far

9/29/06   NATO Allies in Afghanistan  various nations refuse to risk their soldiers lives, many different restrictions on use of troops– of 26 nations only 6 allow unrestricted use of forces

9/24/06   Anger at U.N.  More Strident Than Ever  “crossfire? Bush, he’s thinking of a Western, when people would shoot form the hip and somebody would be caught in the crossfire–not comparable to precision bombs of American empire and Israel firing on the people of Palestine and Lebanon–imperialist, fascist, assassin, genocidal” Chavez

9/20/06   Venice — A Lesson in successful Empire  avoiding war and demanding trade

9/18/06  U.S. Holds 14,000 Iraqi prisoners without charges – doesn’t know what to do with them

9/17/06  Iraq Government Unable to Purge Gangsters and Shiite Militia from Police Forces   Shiite militias, earlier armed and trained by U.S. military, as well as 1400 former criminals, no trust in uniformed police, Sunnis terrorized and murdered, Americans no longer allowed to inspect prisons, (NY TIMES- fair use)

9/17/06   The Children’s Crusade  How Bush staffed early Iraq occupation jobs, 24 yr. old to re-create stock exchange, Bush-Cheney T-shirts, husband of National Review editor rates on political loyalty, no skills necessary, Arabic speakers irrelevant, Heritage Foundation interns, etc.  Then, of course, Bush’s views on terrorism (ending evil in the world) come from a nursery school idea of good and evil

9/15/06   Army Desperation For Recruits  40% score in bottom half of aptitude test, paid tens of thousands in bonuses, foreigners offered citizenship, mental health issues, told how to cheat drug tests, gang members, criminal records,

9/11/06  Losing the Guerrilla War   militants beating technology, guerrillas winning by not losing, U.S. Vietnam style body count combat is creating inexhaustible supply of suicide bombers, safe training bases in Pakistan, terrorists learning faster than Western armies, America unable to protect soft targets, e.g. teachers, engineers, administrators

9/11/06  U.S. Losing in West Iraq, marine report, virtually already lost and irredeemable

9/10/06   Al-Qaeda: Lebanon’s Unbloodied Victor by Michael Scheuer, former CIA Bin Laden expert

9/9/06  How Afghanistan Fell Apart  — NY TIMES — Disaster of part time, indecisive American rule, not enough police forces, little focus, littler interest in Washington except to chase Taliban & al-Qaeda, no taste for running the empire  9/10 Taliban Regrouped and Rearmed – WASH. POST report

7/24/06  The 4th Division in Iraq — doing “everything” wrong, treating civilians as enemies, beating captives, humiliating Iraqis, swaggering, first combat action in decades, etc

7/23/06  Disaster Began With Early Occupation  American soldiers’ no care for Iraq opinions, no lessons wanted from Viet Nam, dismissal of whole civil service and military, arrogance, stupidity (also took lessons from Israeli advisors, Ed)

7/10/06  China Buys 30-50% of Russian Military Exports  good news for TheWarParty

6/25/06  How Else Could America spend $320 Billion  so far on Iraq War, but some estimates go over $1 trillion

6/20/06  In Tribal Pakistan, a Tide of Militancy   Influence of Taliban Said to Be Spreading Beyond Border Areas Near Afghanistan

6/4/06  Civilians Killed Daily   “They crush them with their vehicles and kill them just on a suspicion or a hunch.”

6/4/06  “History Lessons for U.S. Officers” now being taught about past guerrilla wars

6/01/06   Marines Haditha Killing Civilians Rocks Washington  cover up and tactics, rage of soldiers, confusion, not trained for occupation, trained to search and destroy with maximum force, see also Bill Lind on effectiveness of IED’s causing solders to go berserk and destroy good will with civilian populations, 4th generation warfare –why America can’t run an empire

5/26/06   Bush Blair Concede Iraq Mistakes   including dismissal of whole army, police, civilian government infrastructure– opposed by Generals   We argue that it could not have been such stupidity, that it was intentional Likud plan implemented by its ally Douglas Feith (Rumsfeld deputy) to intentionally bring about chaos –Feith also helped torpedo Oslo accords — See  All Roads Lead to Feith  Ed. 

5/19/06  Essay on Evolution of Muslim Religion  from Mohamed’s egalitarianism and giving women rights and protections to the Ulama’s stifling of inquiry, freedom & progress

5/6/06   Lesson of Tal Afar  Excellent analysis of warfare methods and errors in Iraq by George Packer, author of “The Assassin’s Gate”

4/30/06   League of Dictators   Russia and China getting together to thwart U.S. objectives and power  — working with dictators

4/29/06  Cost of Putting Each Fighter in War Zone  $400,000 at end of 2005 for Iraq and– Houston Chronicle 

4/29/06  Solzhenitsyn Criticizes U.S.–Nato  encirclement of Russia, defends Putin policies

4/20/06   Retreat from Freedom Agenda  Washington losing in Central Asia

4/20/06   Unforeseen Spending Wracks War Budget   weapons wearing out, now $10 billion per month for wars

4/15/06  The Dark Heart of Dick Cheney  Remember that the invasion, torture, the destruction of worldwide goodwill towards America, one of America’s greatest disasters, all come from Cheney and his neocon entourage,

4/9/06  Washington Booms from Defense Spending  Bin Laden’s plan to bleed and bankrupt America proceeding apace– as in Judo, leveraging America to fall–U.S. outspends him 10,000 to 1

4/9/06  Immigrants May Actually Boost U.S. Wages — New Study –simplest  example–more jobs for truck drivers because immigrants available to pick vegetables

4/3/06  “Permanent” Bases in Iraq?? Camp Anaconda with 20,000 soldiers–only 1,000 go off base – House passes resolution stating “no plans for permanent bases” – Since fall of Berlin Wall 35 new US bases between Poland and Pakistan

4/3/06   Russians Sense New Cold War — Washington’s expansion of NATO to Russian borders, arrogance, fear of U.S. surprise attack capabilities (article writing that US could destroy Russian and China at little risk to America) mistrust of American government

3/24/06   Permanent Air Bases Being built in Iraq  Despite semi-denials of Bush team  Analysis by Jim Lobe

3/23/06   Bush Regime Stifles Voice of America  not propagandistic enough being cut for peanuts, its who budget = price of one half on one F-22 fighter plane

3/19/06   State Dept. Tries to Block Claimants  Undefended suits for $Billions in U.S. Courts against “terrorist” states, law passed Congress in 1996, prevents any future reconciliation, e.g. with Iran, will end U.S. oil interests in future.  then Congress offered $380 million from U.S. taxpayers to pay off claimants and their lawyers (up to 35% or more) in advance of any possible re-establishment of diplomatic relations.  (Note–most Congressmen are lawyers).  Another reason why America can’t be a competent imperialist nation.

3/21/06   Too Much Manliness  American foreign policy’s macho cowboys

3/20/06   Fortress America & Dubai Undertow  Consequences of Fortress America mentality

3/1/06   Al-Qaeda’s Insurgency Doctrine for the War  by Michael Scheuer, former CIA Bin-Laden specialist, author of Imperial Hubris  (pdf document – scroll down to Scheuer analysis– Jamestown Foundation)

3/09/06  American Special Ops Commandos Placed Secretly in U.S. Embassies  Conflict with CIA, fear of repercussions with foreign governments- soldiers killed robber in Paraguay

3/08/06  New U.S. Military Bases in Romania  — allow launching attacks w/o Romania Government knowledge or approval

2/26/06  Alarming Loss of Goodwill for America by Arnaud de Borchgrave

2/26/06   Spreading Democracy by Force  very interesting analogy with French Revolution and Napoleon telling nations, e.g. Spain, that he was conquering their (autocratic) rulers in order to bring them freedom —

2/26/06   On the Brink of Chaos   interesting about internal Iraq situation, Wahabi in Saudi Arabia also wrecked Shia mosques

2/16/06  U.S. Unit Praised for Tactics Against Iraqi Fighters, Treatment of Detainees  rare instance of successful, effective rule –how occupation should be done, but rare and commanders rotated out of Iraq and so lose confidence of Iraqis, 3rd world is built on personal relationships

2/16/06  U.S. Army Detains Iraqi Militia Death Squads  Iraqi “Army” and “police” have first loyalty to Shia and Kurdish tribes, being used to kidnap and murder Sunnis

1/31/06   NATO Insists On Poking the Russian Bear  obligating America to defend insignificant states, flying fighter bombers minutes from St. Petersburg

1/21/06  U.S. Army Now Training to Fight Insurgencies  Officers being taught lessons ignored from Viet Nam; prior training was about how to fight big armies from nation states, i.e. still training to fight Russians

1/11/06   Ignorance of Enemy Culture, Arrogance– Criticism of U.S. Military British officer views in Army journal –too gung-ho, too aggressive, too bureaucratic, too self rightous, too impatient, to ignorant

1/11/06  Lots of Bombing by U.S. Planes – Air Force expects to continue raids after U.S. Military leaves with targets selected by Air Force personnel attached to Iraqi units

1/09/06   Kurdistan — A Gangster State not what Americans imagine or are told

1/09/06   What Happened to the American Century?  interesting

1/01/06   NSA Surveillance Update  sifting millions of chatter, process mainly out of date, how terrorists actually communicate, many potential best analysts (e.g. hackers) cannot get thru security clearance

12/30/05  Covert CIA Programs Updates  — details on aggressive, pre-emptive anti-terror measures and policies

12/24/05   Vaunted Success in Training Iraqi Army is mainly setting up Shia & Kurdish units to fight and occupy Sunni areas

12/24/05   Italians Issue Arrest Warrants for 22 CIA Agents  for kidnapping–valid in 25 EU nations

12/16/05  Jihad Roots & Ripples by Arnaud de Borchgrave — latest info wrap-up

12/8/05  “Enduring Bases” in Iraq  & Now Four   Administration has never repudiated original plan for long term bases in Iraq to replace Saudi ones

11/28/06  Fewer & Fewer Americans Support “Go it Alone”  Now 42% say U.S. should mind its own business overseas, work with Allies

11/26/05  Anti-China Hawks Gaining Ascendancy in Washington  Neo-cons and Wolfowitz Doctrine still riding high — War Party needs a major enemy to justify budgets — fighting terrorists and occupying Iraq is not enough to justify budget

11/08/05  Looted Iraqi Museum Relics Mostly Still Missing  Priceless archeological treasures from unprotected museums

10/30/05   Karen Hughes as “Diplomatic Toast”  stupidities…..”like Arabs sending a woman in a black chador who had spent no time in the U.S. possesssed no knowledge of our history or culture, spoke no English….”  NEW REPUBLIC

10/20/05  The Weimarization of Washington  in fighting without quarter

10/20/05  Spanish Judge Issues Warrant for 3 GI’s  for killing journalists  save right as U.S. courts exert for crimes in foreign nations, Pentagon no answer, possible forerunner for other cases of journalists killed by U.S. forces also claiming self-defense

9/19/05  Pentagon May Have Doubts on Preemptive Use of Nukes  criticism from Congress

9/14/05  Unraveling of U.S. Army   collapsing recruitment, proposals to hire foreigners

9/14/05  Bush Administration Plans for First Use of Nukes   against potential threats

9/12/05  Bill Clinton was the person who first undercut the ideas of the International Criminal Court, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. When George Bush became president, he stepped into space created for him by Bill Clinton. This isn’t to demonize Clinton. It’s just to show that our political system had already been corrupted by something we weren’t reckoning with – and the shorthand for that something was “the Pentagon.”  Interview with James Carroll

9/10/05  Security Contractors in Iraq Raise Havoc killing and intimidating –America gets blamed

9/02/05 “Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen?,” author Will Bunch noted that the Times-Picayune had consistently reported over the past several years that the administration had slashed tens of million dollars for hurricane- and flood-control projects, and, in nine articles, had related the cuts explicitly to the unanticipated costs of the Iraq War.

8/30/05   Assassinations in Basra — done by police, Shiia militia run police, put in by English occupation forces

8/27/05  U.S. Air Force Leaving Uzbekistan  “Wherever American bases crop up, so does a fundamentalist mood and so do enemies of America, and we don’t want to be caught between the two,” Nuriddin Zayniyev, governor of Kashkadarya region where the base is located, told parliament, according to the Associated Press.

8/26/05   Lack of interpreters severe Handicap U.S. forces  paid $400 per month (while bodyguard “contractors” get $10,000)

8/21/05  Shiite and Kurdish Militias Running Country  –U.S. trained and supplied, but now run for own ends –terrorizing & murdering Sunnis & Christians – Shiias run by mullahs, Kurds run by tribal leaders

8/20/05   Muslim Converts in American Prisons –new concerns

8/9/05   Al Qaeda Using Internet (2)  super sophisticated– posting videos of attacks on U.S. Army, etc.

8/7/05   Al Qaeda Using Internet  for training, co-ordination, propaganda, motivation, recruiting, international cooperation

8/3/05   State Dept Warns Americans  danger of overseas travel because of hatred from Iraq war

8/02/05   Conflicts’ costs may exceed $700 billion   $314 Billion so far

7/27/05  Little Concern in Congress for Public Diplomacy  — Congress runs on lobbies and no big lobby for explaining America to the world –(but lots of lobbies to sell weaponry–U.S. Information Agency shut down by former Sen. Helms-Ed)

7/18/05   Gaza – A quarter Million per Settler  U.S. pays for settlements, for occupation and then for removal

7/17/05   More Kurdish Terrorism in Turkey  trying to disrupt tourism, Turks complain U.S. permits Kurdish terrorist bases in Iraq

7/15/05  Opium Trade Not Easily Uprooted  Afghans grow it at record rates

7/14/05  U.S. Permanent Bases in Iraq –sticky, how many? building continues  The Lure of Empire  How the Empire Wanters Fantasized in 2002

7/07/05  U.S. Criticized for Allowing Afghan War Criminals Tribal Chiefs into New Government –men who killed and destroyed Afghanistan

7/06/05  80,000 “Contractors” in Iraq  guards, drivers, laundry, cooks, etc for U.S. forces — questions of legal status –carrying weapons, etc

6/26/05  Italians Outraged over CIA Kidnapping (Rendition for torture in Egypt)  Italians Detail Lavish CIA expenditures   best hotels, extra vacations luxury detailed  And Canadians Complain of U.S. Kidnapping Suspects

6/22/05  The Other War We Are Losing  Afghanistan  by Bill Lind

6/20/05  Upheaval Ahead  anti-war candidate with give Democrats strength by Pat Buchanan

6/08/05  Weaknesses in American Schooling Forbode Ill for Future – 47% of Detroit adults functionally illiterate

6/2/05  An Empire of Bases  where they all are

5/23/05  Al Qaeda Wins One in Pakistan — Gov. approves Iran gas pipeline over U.S. objections -after drone attack

5/23/05  Desertions Plague Army –thousands face penalties

5/21/05  U.S. Plans 4 Major Air-Army Bases in Iraq  After defeating insurgency for long term control of region

5/16/05  Russia Military Sales to China -subs, destroyers, planes

5/15/05  America’s Drug Plan Collapses in Chaos after $3 Billion in Colombia

5/09/05  Latin – Arab Summit Bothers Washington — fear it may unify Latins in criticizing U.S. Mid-East policies

5/03/05   U.S. Called Unprepared for Nuke Terrorism  Experts Critical of Evacuation Plans

4/25/05 Iraqi Guerrillas Keep Improvising Bombs  – offsetting new anti-bomb techniques

4/25/05  Iraqi forces desert posts as insurgent attacks are stepped up    U.S. can’t protect Iraqis who help U.S. forces

4/2405   Enrollment in Army ROTC Down in Past 2 School Years  serious decline in numbers of future trained officers

4/18/05  U.S. Outreach to Islamic World Slow Start –nothing till Fall, no Muslims, mainly Arab Christians

4/14/05  More Spies = Worse Intelligence — with every crisis Congress throws more money at CIA to make it bigger, but good spy agencies need to be smaller –NY Times

4/13/05  Security Spending Waste –allocating to states becomes pork, another reason democracies can’t run empires -more for North Dakota per capita than New York

4/10/05  The Teetering Empire   “Blowback–resentment against us for policies most Americns don’t know about or understand”

4/10/05  Many Turks Now See U.S. as an Enemy  40% -best seller depicts U.S. attack on Turkey and retaliation with nuke in White House

3/19/05  Army Drained by Iraq War  manpower, equipment, recruiting all stretched thin –little capacity for another war

3/13/05 Europeans Investigate American Kidnapping of Suspects in Germany, Italy & Sweden

3/13/05  Systematic Looting of Weapons Machinery in Iraq  — American army ignored risk, sophisticated machinery a reason America started war

3/10/05  The Invisible Wounded flown in at night to various locations, no pictures allowed

3/8/05  U.S. Checkpoints Kill Many Civilians — outrage Iraqis, but soldiers say their safety comes first  U.S. Killing Italian Security Agent stokes Anger in Italy Against War

2/25/05  Pentagon Wants to  Bypass Ambassadors  launching secret raids and kidnappings without Embassies’ knowledge

2/21/05  Money and Lobbying in Congress  — policies follow donations –unlimited need for money by Congressmen (even thou little risk of defeat)– reason democracies can’t run empires

2/20/05  United Europe vs. U.S.      is it good for America–U.S. Lears to live with new Europe?  NY TIMES

2/14/05  Falluja Destroyed  “All the houses are destroyed….But these people, the majority of them deserved it because they didn’t help get rid of the insurgents,” U.S. Marine officer  See also Falluja–little Stalingrad

2/10/05  Almost $ half billion to “pay off” iraq war allies  for alliance of the “bullied and the bribed”

2/03/05  What Bin Laden Sees in Hirshima     he thinks a nuke on an American city would result in quick surrender like Japan  (that is removal of U.S. military from Middle East)  Washington Post analysis

2/3/05  Air Transport Asso, Jack Evans n 2004 said that in 2004 airlines and their passengers spent $15 Billion for airport security–  Washington Post Feb.6,’05

2/3/05  Dismissal of Iraq Governing Infrastructure — still breeds resentment, unused talent, guerrillas, government incompetence  –One of Doug Feith (Rummsfeld Deputy) legacy

1/27/05  Costs of War Consuming Bush “Capital”  with higher world oil costs, sky rocketing U.S. budget deficits

1/10/05  El Salvador-style ‘death squads’ to be deployed by US against Iraq militants  Desperation plan being proposed —  no comparison to El Salvador, e.g. a foreign (American) invading army compared to a civil war

1/01/05   Iraq War is Wrecking Army Morale  no end in sight

12/23/04  “Virtual Intelligence Meltdown” Iraqis fear to cooperate with U.S. troops, translators fear to work– soldiers try to find Iraqis with broken English and sign language

12/12/04  12 More Months for Army Reserves (which are most of forces in Iraq) –then must be demobilized by law and not enough for Iraq by Gen. McCaffrey on MEET THE PRESS –Generals agree that army must be larger for “this kind of foreign policy”

12/10/04  Army Equipment Wearing Out Fast –$9 billion for repairs –desert, constant use, combat  –2 years needed to bring back to readiness    12/13  Update–Repair Chaos Described  & Combat Described– if over 30 minutes to repair, trucks abandoned

12/10/04  Kurds’ Cash    $1.4 Billion –using U.S. law firms with former Bush 1 Administration officials

12/9/04  Sabotage of U.S. Reconstruction  one town’s story of wrecking U.S. projects

12/9/04    More Wounded Survive Than Any Previous War –horrendous injuries create new problems for rehabilitation and psychological damage

11/19/04  Why Iraq Will End Same As Vietnam –by Martin van Crefeld, distinguised Israeli historian

11/18/04  Chinese Move to Eclipse U.S. Appeal in Asia  while U.S. obsessed with Islamists

11/17/04  Base in Kyrgyzstan becomes permanent — precursor of “lily pad” strategy–troops isolated from natives, provide ready ability to attack on short notice

11/17/04  7 Top Generals Decry Bush Strategy   disaster in the making–keeping neocon advisors

11/11/04  Evolving Al Qaeda Metastasizing “now a global insurgency, rather than traditional terrorist organization,” says “Anonymous” author Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror

11/02/04  GI’s Lack Bullets, Armor, Radios – CBS News– Army accounts that pay for training, maintenance and repairs are being raided by Congress to pay for pork-barrel spending. But lots of money for F-22’s and new submarines irrelevant to fighting terrorism or occupying conquered lands.

10/25/04  Most Guantanamo Prisoners Small Fry   just the slow who got caught, used to store prisoners with no where else to put them, “Al Quaeda Claus”-100 years old, very little evidence against most, Administration doesn’t know what to do

10/24/04 7 Habits of Highly Effective Imperialists  –how to run an empire — basic rules

10/24/04  Tons of Super Sophisticated Explosives Missing — U.S. never secured hundreds of explosive storage sites –1 pound knocked down PanAm 103 — not enough troops

10/21/04  Bremer and Neocons Ordered Disolution of Iraqi Army leaving nation denuded main reason for chaos and guerrilla strength

10/21/04  How Iraq War Detracted From War Against Terror — denuding special forces from Afghanistan, mestastasizing Al Qaeda, shar increase in anti-American sentiment in Europe and Mid East  –Wash. Post

10/14/04  U.S. Runs Secret Prison in Jordan –to hold Al Qaeda suspects  –outside U.S. & international laws

10/8/04  Bin Laden’s Dream Becoming Reality   –America proving to be what he forecast

Collaborators with U.S. in Iraq   Being killed or frightened off

9/25   U.S. Soldiers to Face Courts-marshall for Patronizing Prostitutes Overseas conquering the world without beer (if under 21) or sex

9/01/04  “New” Conservatives Alienate Reagan Idealists   don’t agree to Big Government and empire wanting

8/29/04  Making United Nations Subservient to Washington weakens its integrity and ability to function –makes it appear hypocritical to Muslim world and endangers its staffs

8/25/04  Reason Washington Declared War on “Terrorism” Instead of War on Islamists  purpose was to include Arab groups fighting Israel to make them declared enemies of America, e.g. Hamas was not on original terrorist list of organizations— arrested man in Virginia because Hamas carried out bombings in Israel

8/24/04  What Went Wrong in Iraq  -FOREIGN AFFAIRS detailed analysis for the record –incompetence of American empire building

8/20/04  Americans Who Can’t Be Imperialists –decent guys blow whistles -confound empire wanters

8/19/04  Pension Funds Pressed to End Investments in Major Foreign Corporations –blow to globalization, e.g. Hyundai, Norwegian, French largest oil companies, etc. for trade with many major Muslim nations, splitting America from Europe, another effort led by Sharon-Likud promoters such as Center for Security Policy

8/17/04  No Way Out   Tactical Victories Yield Strategic Setbacks

8/02/04   Transfers from Main Page     

7/31/04  American “contractor” deaths barely reported over 100 killed, hundreds wounded

7/22/04  Russia Continues Developing & Exporting Superb Military Technology  –no longer so friendly because U.S. moves to influence neighboring nations in Central Asia

7/22/04  In the face of stubborn insurgency, troops scale back patrols  making new enemies by ignorance of culture, insults to tribal leaders

7/19/04  Al Qaeda Leaders Still At Large  on U.S. wanted list

7/14/04  U.S. Military’s Problems Bode Ill for Future Georgie Anne Geyer

7/12/04  Analysis of Iraqi Resistance by Scott Ritter –Saddam Hussein’s regime shifted toward an amalgam of Islamic fundamentalism, tribalism and nationalism…meticulous planning for resistance

7/5/04  State Dept. Warns Americans to Leave Bahrain –Base of Fleet, 4th July celebrations cancelled, State Dept. and Military families leaving

7/4/04   U.S. Retreat “When we had half the world and the other guys were really nasty, our imperial power was often seen as a good thing,” said Charles S. Maier, a historian at Harvard. “But when you are one of one, it looks less attractive and more conspicuous.”  NY TIMES

7/4/04  Analysis of Future Basing of U.S. Forces  where and how large, new skeleton bases, electronic surveillance from American home base

7/03/04  Costs of Iraq War Compared –already $1,600 per U.S. Household = to provide health insurance for 82 million children

7/01/04   “The defense appropriation itself is about $420 billion. That doesn’t include another $125 billion, which is the cost of Afghanistan and Iraq. Then another $20 billion for nuclear weapons in the Department of Energy. Add in another $200 billion or so for military pensions and for health benefits for our veterans………. 725 military bases in 138 foreign countries,” Johnson 7/3/04

6/28/04  Iraq Erodes Bush Doctrine  Washington not so keen to attack other countries

6/24/04  The Toll of “No More Iraqs”  “The souring of America on intervention abroad has major strategic implications for the United States and for the world. The threshold for preventive war, for example, will be raised significantly for the immediate future. Intelligence on weapons of mass destruction and the intentions of dictators or terrorist gangs that seem to possess them are unlikely to be sufficiently clear to meet the standards for action demanded by the post-facto doubts and recriminations on Iraq. Intelligence analysis will become even more cautious and ambiguously stated to policymakers. Vulnerability to surprise attack could grow again.”

6/23/04  U.S. abandons Effort for War Crimes Exemption   for U.S. soldiers on U.N. missions

6/23/04  15,000 Young Saudis in Islamic Extremist Groups  in Northern Ireland 300 terrorists kept half British Army pinned down for quarter century   by Arnaud de Borchgrave

6/18/04  Thousands of Americans Leaving Saudi Arabia Some “victory?”

6/18/04  The Coming Implosion of the American Empire  by Gary North “For americans, War is a One Night Stand” –popular as long as cheap and easy

6/16/04  Al-Qaeda’s New Guard Second Generation of terrorist leaders stepping into Bin Laden’s shoes

6/15/04  New Europe Cools on America on Iraq War — 70-80% opposed

6/11/04  How Terrorists Think  and how Bush fell into Bin Laden’s trap–Financial Times

6/11/04  “Remarkable Change in U.S. Foreign Policy”   says Gerhardt Schroder,  At the Sea Island Summit, a Sea Change in U.S. Diplomacy  Washington now actively working with allies

6/6/04 Torture is the Essence of Empire  -an old Marxist view–they know  See also Torture News Fine

6/6/04  Losing Hearts and Minds –report from the front lines in Iraq –reconstruction teams

5/30/04  Bush Policies Create More Terrorism  –needed a definition of “terrorism” – for Bush just means all “bad guys” –Bush excuses dictators all over the world as “fighting terrorism”

5/30/04  State Dept. Urges Americans to Leave Saudi Arabia  one really wonders how easily State says for Americans to leave rather than for U.S. to change its policies which bring forth so much hatred against America.   What would be economic consequence for major U.S. oil companies?

5/28/04  Has the U.S. Government Committed War Crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq?  Based on laws, rules and precedents established or supported by U.S. Government

5/27/04  Even Hawks Decry Blunders & Incompetence  “managed with an apparently deliberate contempt for history, strategy, and thought.” Mark Halprin in Wall Street Journal

5/26/04  Psychological Warfare Lesson      how to win or lose      by William Lind

5/25/04  Al-Qaeda ranks boosted by war on terror, Iraq –study sees more attacks on U.S. which is prime target

5/25/04  Holy Shite Shrine Damaged in Najaf  perhaps damage done by rebel forces, but fighting near it makes Americans seem responsible = more hatred–story broadcast to Muslim world –problem was making town a battleground in the first place

5/24/04  Torture Tarnishs America’s Purity of Motive To acknowledge that Americans torture their prisoners would contradict everything this administration has invited the public to believe about the virtue of American intentions and America’s right, flowing from that virtue, to undertake unilateral action on the world stage.

5/23/04  A Foreign Policy, Falling Apart  Wash Post

5/23/04   Staffing the Empire  No planning, Kids running billions in Iraq

5/17/04   Army Division (101st) Trying to Get Back in Shape –decimated equipment, divorce, out of training–With battered gear and nerves, a third of the Army is ‘unfit to fight’ but preparing to return

5/13/04  Military & Contractor Civilians in Iraq Mixed Together  little discipline over civilians

5/10/04  Red Cross Report on Torture of Iraq Prisoners — widespread, from Rumsfeld & top Pentagon Neocons (Pentacons) who ignored many reports

5/8/04   Col. Hackworth Helped Soldier’s Family Blow Whistle 17 Congressmen, gov, ignored information –parents wanted protect son from only enlisted men being scapegoated-letter read on Meet the Press TV

5/05/04  British Disputing American Strategy  warned U.S. to avoid mess and chaos

5/03/04  Details of Abuses to Iraqis  same methods as Israelis or Germans –how else to run an empire? and The NEW YORKER Torture at Abu Ghraib  by Sy Hersh

4/30/04  Evolving Disaster   by Arnaud de Borchgrave

4/30/04  U.S. Troops Become Hated   ‘uncaring, dangerous and lacking in respect.’

4/27/04  A new Foreign Policy Group in Washington opposed to Empire  and quotes from the empire wanters AEI meeting

4/27/04  50 Former British Ambassadors Blast Blair for following Bush policies’ cave in to Sharon & America’s “doomed” Mid East policies

4/19/04  Private Security Companies (Mercenaries) raise problems for Military costing U.S. billions in Iraq –not supervised, possibly illegal combatants, major roll defending contractors and even soldiers

5/15/04  Bin Laden Tape Offers Europe Peace –says America started the wars

3/23/04  Israeli Assassination of Hamas Leader —Brings Threats of Retaliations Against Americans

3/18/04  Hundreds of soldiers evacuated with Leishmaniasis Parasite Disease leaves huge ulcerated nodules on skin —Disease casualties not included in battle statistics of wounded

3/16/04  Allies Number of Troops in Iraq  listed by country

3/15/04  Bush’s Pyrrhic Victory –$200 Billion and counting

3/15/04  U.S. Military Helping Algerian Government, moving into North and West Africa to fight Muslim fundamentalists

3/14/04  Merceneries in Iraq   by Tucker Carlson  what they do, how they do it, guards for $150,000 per year

2/29/04  Comparing Iraq to German assault on France in 1914  –one never knows where war leads –Cheney and the Schlieffen Plan

2/27/04  Al Qaeda Ideology Spreading   CIA warns of new enemies and hatred against America -risks not less than before  NY Times report

2/21/04  Garner says purpose of war was to get permanent U.S. bases  compares it to Phillipine conquest in 1898

2/7/04  Russians Planning Nuke Practice while Bush sets off new Arms race

2/02/04  Need to Restore Trust in America  by Zbigniew Brzezinski–America tremendously weakened in whole world

1/25/04  Europe’s Muslim Minorities combine with opposition to American unilateralism to isolate America

1/22/04  Missile Defense Program Not Working –building with failed test results–follow the  (billions) money, now claim maybe work against a North Korean missile-test failures kept secret

1/21/04  Deep Divide over Safety in the Skies  “a large part of the international community believes that the United States is making the world unsafe for everyone else.”

1/20/04  U.S. Military to Georgia –will stay forever -further antagonizing Russia

1/05/04   Seaports Eye Terror Threat -protections in progresss

12/31/03  Cheney Christmas Card   — God aids rise of American empire — so he must have also favored the mongols or Stalin in their day?

12/31/03  Head or Heart of American Foreign Policy –torn between pursuit of national interests and moralistic imperialism –good analysis but no mention of ethnics based foreign policy

12/15/03  Failure in Iraq is an Option   by Arnaud de Borchgrave

12/14/03  Al Qaeda’s Finances Ample, Say Probers  Foreign nations not obeying Washington’s demands, after all they don’t have a dog in this fight

12/14/03  Big Problems in Building New Iraq Army   Soldiers desert, barely trained, fearful of resistance –Pentacons (Pentagon neocons) dismissed all of old Army and police, U.S. trying to build from scratch

12/12/03  The Economic Threat to the Empire –debts, deficits, dangers

12/03/03  An Empire Needs Friends  by Thomas Friedman

12/01/03  America Against the World –dated article but still relevant

11/27/03  Holy War 101  what America is facing –new enemies by the millions

11/25/03  Iraqi Recruits Live in Fear –will be killed if U.S. leaves–targets of guerrillas

11/19/03  Curioser and Curioser — Bush Foreign Policy — Korean policy just doesn’t make sense

11-03  Pencils, once symbol of American Blockade, get to Iraq schools, gift from America  journey describes perils of transport on roads

11/16/03   Europeans Vindicated But Fearful About Iraq   But fear a humilated America might withdraw back to isolationism –want America to succeed in Iraq

11/10/03   Iraqi Insurgents Use Classic Sun Tzu Strategy –follow Afghan model

10/31/03  Winning Contractors were Big Political Donors –growing corruption of the empire (just like Rome)

“This time, however, a gap between words and deeds could be disastrous. Raising expectations that the United States will “create a balance of power that favors human freedom” and then failing to do so will feed the cynicism about American motives that pervades the Middle East and much of the world. Worse yet, leaving behind a new Iraqi leadership that provides stability but no justice will only further fuel the resentment and anger that have attracted so many young men to Osama bin Laden’s cause. Given these risks, the president would do well to decide on his aims for Iraq before the fighting begins.”  THE WASHINGTON POST 10/27/03

10/20/03  The American Prison Camp  Guantanamo –international law only applies to rest of the world, not America

10/16/04  Rumsfelt Memo on winning or losing war on terror

10/02/03  “I Am Not for World Empire” by Norman Mailer

10/03   Project for a New American Century –who and how

10/8/03  How Bush Gets His News  doesn’t read news –just gets interpretaions from his advisors and then tells interviewers  See also      Bush Reads A Book

9/28   Cutting off Money Flow to Terrorists Suffers Setbacks  Europeans won’t use U.S. measures

9/27   Marrying Cousins –Problems of tradational Societies– why evolving to democracy is (very) slow

9/17  Losing Dollars & Sense in Iraq   Senator Byrd

9/12  Reports that Mossad Delegation Visited Iraq  to coordinate with U.S. occupation

9/7  Why Europe Won’t Join U.S. Empire –learned to like peace–see Washington as threat to world order –don’t have a dog in U.S. fight (with most of Muslim world)

9/7   Tom Delay calls himself a “Christian Zionist”   most powerful man in U.S. Congress

9/7   Getting UN Support Won’t Help Much -US pays 40,000 to over 100,000 for each foreign soldier

8/28  U.S. Finds Tables Turned at United Nations – seeking help–Bush had said U.N. would be irrelevant if didn’t support American attack

7/11   Few Arabic Speakers— Neo-cons killed careers of Arabic speakers in State and CIA– “Arabists” ridiculed, careers dead-ended

Following is from    We highly recommend subscribing to their intelligence service for thinking outside the box.   STRATFOR’S MORNING INTELLIGENCE BRIEF Geopolitical Diary: Friday, May 30, 2003

“U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, in a Vanity Fair interview, said the public justification for the invasion of Iraq was not primarily based on the fear of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Wolfowitz was quoted as saying, “For bureaucratic reasons, we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction, because it was the one reason everyone could agree on.” Of lesser importance but explosive nevertheless was a BBC report that the British had deliberately exaggerated the presence of WMD in Iraq. The two stories, emerging on the same day, inevitably combined to create a shock in the international system. U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld scrambled, later in the day, reasserting in a radio interview the original administration position.

“Wolfowitz’s admission is an argument that Stratfor has made from the beginning: The United States invaded Iraq for strategic reasons — to exert power against surrounding Islamic countries — and used the issue of weapons of mass destruction to build an international coalition. The invasion would have taken place had no weapons of mass destruction existed. Wolfowitz’s statement is no surprise to us at all. What is a surprise is that all of this is leaking out now, let alone while the United States is in a confrontation with Iran over the same issue and U.S. President George W. Bush is preparing to visit the Middle East.

“It always seemed to us that the cover story was not as effective as the real reason, but the administration seemed to believe that the international community and the American public would be more likely to rally around the WMD argument rather than the strategic one. Having given that as the prime answer, the administration found it difficult to switch gears in the middle.

“Wolfowitz’s statement strikes us as generally true, although his explanation about withdrawing U.S. forces from Saudi Arabia as the prime goal is woefully insufficient. Why he felt a compulsion to tell the truth is more difficult to understand. Perhaps it is a trial balloon by the administration for explaining the failure to find WMD. If there is no firestorm, it becomes the postwar rationale. If there is a firestorm, Wolfowitz looks for an exciting new career.”

8/20   U.S. Army Losing its Cool –torture and killing by nervous soldiers making U.S. hated

7/12   No Planning for Iraq Occupation –Neocons controlled operation–State and CIA experts excluded

7/11   Few Arabic Speakers in U.S. Government –used to be a dead end for careers to know about Arab world–Neoconservatives suspected anyone with language might develop sympathies

6/30   U.S. Developing New Weapons to Reach from U.S.  –so as not to need foreign bases for attacks

—–U.S. Navy cutting shore leaves — Mediterranean- “steel beach parties”         Also NEW REPUBLIC 4/7/03 reports, “very few ports are considered safe enough to dock given the high level of anti-American sentiment (in Mediterranean).”

6/10    Chaos and Incompetence in U.S. WMD search –any existant WMD  stolen during chaos or military knew that Iraq didn’t have WMD

5/1    Trying to Explain the (white) American’s Adoraton of War    by Norman Mailer  –reaction to an emasculated society??

4/27   Why Americans Can’t Rule the World -not like England, we want to stay home & Consequences of using Israeli methods of suppression

4/6      How and Why America is Becoming Imperialist  –Replacing the “open door” and “Atlantic Charter” with 19th Century Europe theories of “blood and iron” —the new British Empire wanters –Kissinger’s role

3/29    Supply convoys in chaos –10,000 trucks using secondary roads, littered with broken down trailers –BUSINESS WEEK

3/29    U.S. in Middle of Afghan Feuding  choosing sides–making enemies

3/28      Perle Resigns Pentagon Advisory Panel –10 more have business interests with Pentagon–more wars mean more business

3/16      American Firms Abroad Losing Business  retaliatory boycotts may mean end of globalization   & Yale Study

BLOWBACK –LA Times on Consequences for America if mass killing of Moslems

++ Missing Debate on Defense WASH. POST–Starving Diplomacy for War–militarization of civilian policy making–the Pro-consuls

3/16      How Bush Isolated America  –by listening to Neoconservatives  WASH POST

3/16    The Arrogant Empire  NEWSWEEK  never U.S. so alone in world

3/11      U.S. Army Fears Post-War Occupation Duties  Wash. Post

3/9      What Would Gengis (Kahn) Do?   Pentagon Study by Maureen Dowd -NY TIMES

3/9/03     Saudi government won’t reform & U.S. supports (Obedient) Arab Dictators — “The government doesn’t want the [religious police] to grumble too much about Saudi support for U.S. policies in Iraq, so they keep them happy by letting them chase women instead.”

2/24/03   Bush Faces Terrible Image Overseas  Most Europeans see America as greatest threat to world peace

2/8/03     Back to 1913    “….is the seeming sideshow of the Middle East exposing significant divisions among today’s leading nations…

2/8/03     Sharon Tells Bush to Take Out Iran After He Finishes with Iraq  (and, of course, there’s the Wolfowitz Doctrine declaring that China is next after the Moslem world)  

Ha’aretz reports: “U.S. Undersecretary of State John Bolton said in meetings with Israeli officials on Monday that he has no doubt America will attack Iraq, and that it will be necessary to deal with threats from Syria, Iran and North Korea afterwards.”

1/25/93   Decline and Fall of the American Emprie  “Rather than appear as a benign hegemon, we appear predatory. We appear to lose our legitimacy……

1/24/03     Military Uses More Civilian Contractors —to do “special” work, not subject to Military laws & rules

1/02/03  Taking on the Moslem World Understanding Moslem fanatacism by Arnaud de Borchgrave

12/29/02  Bush and the New American Hubris  by Stanley Hoffman @ Harvard

12/29    Bush and North Korea   threats by Bush/Wolfowitz/Rumsfeld leave little incentive for North Koreans to co-operate and little room to negotiate 

12/26/02   U.S.. use of Torture Overseas –often delivered to friendly Arab dictatatorships for “questioning”–Wash. Post

11/28    Alliance with Saudis is Fracturing  U.S. Congress, Neo-cons & Saudi nationalists inflame mistrust

11/25    Subverting the U.N.   fighting Washington to retain an international order based on multilateralism, the rule of law and the United Nations itself.

11/15    America and the United Nations    America legitimizes its overwhelming might

11/10     How the Hardliners Lost  –wanted to avoid inspections

10/26    Washington Will Get Security Council Support  easy to intimidate smaller nations for vote

11/18   Bali bomber says Americans were the targets, didn’t know bar had mainly Australians

10/18   American Policymakers Awash in Fantasy  Herald Tribune International

11/18   Pat Buchanan on Empire   “American empire is an intellectual construct of scribblers and think-tank denizens more familiar with the hazards of graduate school than of gunnery school.”

10/16  Senator Kennedy on Bush also rebuts Cuba arguments

9/30  UN Inspectors were American spies in 1998 –set cameras and then gave info for bombing targets

9/30   Col. Hackworth on 150,000 admitted service disabilities from first Gulf War Syndrome

9/24  The Morning After-–  “a diversion from real issues of dysfunctional security agencies, a sinking economy, devastated budget and a tattered relationship with our allies.”  NY TIMES / Krugman

9/23   Bush Planned attack on Iraq before 9/11 & also “regime change” for China (SUNDAY HERALD)

9/23   Germans Balk at Serving American Empire  won’t help attack Iraq

9/19   Washington War Wanters are Civilians, nearly all never served in military

9/16  Iraq Oil Concessions and U.S. Invasion     just old fashioned imperialism?

9/8    56% of American high school grads can’t read simple math question  -why we need educated immigrants

8/28  Afghan Situation Deteriorating Rapidly  –higher U.S. casualties, losing local allies, Al-quaeda regrouping –go to bottom of page for article.

8/28  Double Standards Make Enemies  Salmon Rushdie “(Bush attack on Iraq) unleash a generation-long plague of anti-Americanism that could make the present epidemic look like a time of rude good health.”

8/28  Bush Reads a Book   Neo-cons give him a book, want him to ignore Generals–we think of Hitler as one who followed such advice and took over military campaigns from his generals

8/25  Newsweek Reveals War Atrocities –murder of POW’s

8/20  Losing our Best Allies in War on Terror  NY TIMES   Asian student, “American democracy require suppression of democracy in rest of world?”

8/13   English views –-lots of good links alos on understanding American Empire Wanters

8/13   Conquering Iraq as Prelude  to then take on and change regimes in Iran and Saudi Arabia–dreams of the empire wanters

8/5     Hypocrisy on Democracy for Arab World –NY TIMES   Washington supports dictators’ supression of peaceful protests

8/1      The questions to consider in attacking Iraq by Samuel Berger

7/30    Bush administration’s decisions will lead to more terror  -now Iran  by George Anne Geyer, Chicago Tribune 7/22   “Savage Wars of Peace” by Max Boot & “Supreme Command” by Elliot A. Cohen analysis of America empire building , lessons from past, the “Post Powell doctrine” NY Times (needs registration)

7/18    How the Empire Got Started by Jude Wanniski

7/14     Dept. Homeland Security Plans Cause Concern for Chaos Moving bureaucracies, Businesses fear government paralysis

7/01  “We are going to be destroyed by the hatred of the rest fof the world.…….  with one billion Moslems hating us, and the contempt of all of Europe,”   Gore Vidal on the empire

7/01    The Drug Was as an Extension of Empire –-Killing in Bolivia

U.S. Military Replaces Diplomats7,000 trainers in 60-70 nations –the growing empire

6/28     Moslems who view America as blind Cyclops & Bin Laden as Ulysses –Salmon Rushdie in WASH. POST.

6/17   Why Bush First Strike Will Surely Backfire  U.S. Abandoning international law will lose co-operation, lose allies, leave U.S. alone–Washington Post

6/13     Robert Fisk on the Forbidden Question –Why do they hate us?

6/9       Humble no Longer –Bush West Point Speech –Growing the Empire & Describing Attack Plans–John Bolton’s

5/28     Neo-cons Bash and Fear Indpendent Europe by Paul Gottfried

5/28   Hesitant Hawks by Mary McGrory –a leftist view of empire growing pains

5/27    Foreign Students Abandoning U.S. Flight Schools –now studying overseas– NY TIMES -requires registration) (Another Bin Laden “victory” against U.S. world influence

5/26     U.S.-Europe Divide    over Washington Unilateralism & Empire Building

U.S. Military Replaces Diplomats –7,000 trainers in 60-70 nations –the growing empire

5/30  Iran’s Factions Coalescing Around Pro-Europe Policy A new policy of engagement with Europe in hopes of offsetting the United States may not be dramatic, but at least all sides may support it.   Diplomatic initiatives, especially Europe-aimed measures such as a recent $460 million bond issue being handled by German and French banks, are meant to increase the outside world’s stake in Iran and strengthen support against U.S. belligerence.

5/19  $28 Billion for Afghanistan Military costs Media Monitors Network    In 1919 Joseph Schumpteter described ancient Rome in a way that sounds eerily like the United States in 2002.

“There was no corner of the known world where some interest was not alleged to be in danger or under actual attack. If the interests were not Roman, they were those of Rome’s allies; and if Rome had no allies, the allies would be invented. When it was utterly impossible to contrive such an interest — why, then it was the national honor that had been insulted. The fight was always invested with an aura of legality. Rome was always being attacked by evil-minded neighbours…The whole world was pervaded by a host of enemies, it was manifestly Rome’s duty to guard against their indubitably aggressive designs.”  

5/19  U.S. Foreign Military Training: Global Reach, Global Power, and Oversight Issues  Pentagon free hand w/o Congress or any oversight

5/16   New Nations on the Hit List   There is now not the slightest pretence that the scope of the US’s regime-change wishlist is in any way tethered to the attacks of September 11

5/16    Comparing American Empire to Athens  American liberty is being sacrificed to the security needs of maintaining an empire, we can’t help but wonder – is it worth it?

5/16  Dual Citizenship –A problem for the Empire  Almost anyone can get it, foreign governments want loyalty too

5/15  IN EYES OF WORLD, U.S. IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ISRAELI POLICIES by Georgie Anne Geyer in Chicago Tribune

4/22  Central Asia Air BasesThousands of U.S. troops are headed to Central Asia, and they’re not leaving anytime soon

4/22   Wounded Goliath –Australians look at the mighty empire–“on a rampage – armed to the teeth, adored by the polls, unfettered by law, answering to no-one and licensed to kill.”

4/1/02   It Takes an Empire  –comparison to Rome and England —  Int. Herald Tribune

3/18  Crisis Looms Between U.S., Russia    See bottom of page for the STRATFOR.COM Report

3/18  New Neo-Con War Promotion with Bill Bennett  lots of money from War Party

3/11  Bush vs Saddam: The empire strikes back After U.S. Attack–Likely Consequences in Iraq

3/8   From Suez to the Pacific     US expands its presence across the globe
3/6  Axis of Hubris by Doug Bandow –our “gobbledy-gook commitments”

2/28  Russia Objects as Washington expands the empire into Central Asia & former Soviet nations

2/17/02  An Endless War on Evil –The Bush Worldview –“Waging War without End, always a new battlefield”  Shades of 1984, heavy Neo-conservative influence, “Our moral values make us Vulnerable”

2/17/02  Pentagon News Handling Unmasked –-Reporters as threats, sensitivity, “America is always Good”

1/23/02  Robert Fisk on Washington “Lawlessness” –bases, prisoners, kidnappings, etc. becoming what Bin Laden’s accused us of

1/22/02 America’s 3rd World Allies May Want a Long War –old U.S. issues –human rights, economic liberalization, anti-corruption will all be sacrificed

9/21/01  Debate on American Empire  Washington Post

An imperial nightmare    English imperialists who dream of America following with new empire + a shor history/critique of British imperialism as a model for America

Secret Empire- U.S. Military AbroadMSNBC  Graphics Report


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Hundreds of Muslim men and boys are being subjected to strip searches in freezing, standing room only detention centers in southern California after being arrested for routine visa irregularities, immigration lawyers said on Thursday.

They estimated that between 1,000 and 2,500 males, some as young as 16, were spending their fourth day locked up in what they called inhumane conditions after voluntarily presenting themselves at immigration offices to register under new anti-terrorism rules.

“The situation in the detention centers is absolutely horrifying. In one center, they were ordered to strip down and given a strip search. They were only given a prison jumpsuit, without any underwear, T-shirts, socks or shoes. They were not given blankets. They are freezing,” Iranian-American lawyer Sohelia Jonoubi told Reuters.

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